How to take a photo in manual mode on your smartphone – Gary explains

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Many camera apps offer a manual or pro mode that gives you direct control over the camera. But what do all those settings mean? Let me explain!

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anuj gupta says:

5.15 you said ISO has logarithmic scale then said ISO twice as fast as ISO 100

Isn’t that should be 10 times faster bcoz of log scale @prof Gary?

oxygen RE says:

Is there an other reason besides MONEY they don’t do removable battery anymore?

Onkar Jagtap says:

My phone has max 1/50k shutter speed …can anyone tell me what’s practical use of that ?

Hector G. says:

G always has the best videos.

benedict pasaquian says:

I only use manual focusing when i was taking macro shots..

jayaprakash narayana says:

I am using mi Y1 mobile ,I don’t have a good professional mode so can you tell me apps that provides a good professional mode especially shutter speed

Pruthul Patel says:

Which mobile gives us best menual mode.. top 3

Divyanshu Gupta says:

very informative video thank you gary

Abhimanyu Saikia says:

How to use honor 8 camera to take better pictures

ora gagas says:

ini pakek aplikasi apa?

faisal shaikh says:

Ok teacher

LazyTamago says:

Very helpful video! Thank you.

Stas Ivanov says:

Check out the latest photos by Stas Ivanov with p10 plus: Take and discover photos on EyeEm. For iPhone and Android.

R.I. Faiyaz says:

What is the name of this app

Danish Khan says:

I always use the manual mode on my Nokia 808 Pureview which gives me amazing and striking photos depending upon the lighting conditions.

Reverse Squad says:

I want that app li k plzz

sourav biswas says:

I use camera fv 5 manual mode and it’s awesom.

siva ranjith says:

Hi everyone,
anyone else kindly help me to find best manual camera app for my htc desire 818
Thank you

mkbeatlab says:

I found LG phones manual mode is awesome

Narender Singh says:

I like his introductory line, “let me explain”

Sun Bhattacharya says:

Can you tell me which device are you using or which camera app is this ?

Chad K_BH says:

Very very informative!! Want to learn how to manually shoot. This answered allot of questions. Thanks.

SabaNyym says:

Any recommendations for the best 3rd party camera apps that have a good shutter speed control. The galaxy phones have a ten second timer which I love, but I’m trying to find one that is longer.

kiran kumar says:

How to download camera app

Nurul Loves Sia says:


Rudradev Thacker says:

i’m using manual mode for quiet a long time…the prob with it is…when u choose fast shutter speed the amt of light decrease and the iso does’nt really help everytime 🙁


What’s that app name

Àlv! photography says:

I like that guide….

Sid Verma says:


amit kumar says:

Hey I just love your videos can you explain what makes for the iPhone or the Samsung S8 cameras much much better than the cheapest smartphones when the performance that is the speed of the smart phone is now almost ok across $200 versus $800 smartphone but the camera it just seems 4 times better on a $800 smartphone why is it

Prince Xamim says:

I like the overall review of smartphone camera’s manual mode, but as an enthusiast, I find it to be rather…

juvydamexican says:

I want Gary to adopt me

Fredwilson Fonseca says:

On my note 8, right next to ISO there’s a control. At first I thought it could be the manual aperture control, but now Im thinking it is the shutter speed control. Am I wrong?

Abhishek Shetty says:

Explained very well! Thank you!

Marc Higgins says:

Got a p9 would like to do more than point and shoot that’s why Im here .

Shrey VEVO says:


Ring Neck says:

You don’t need to buy a high end camera to get full manual mode feature.

You can buy any meizu phone and they give full manual control in their stock camera. Meizu started this 2-3 years ago. Samsung, xiaomi, Google just started doing this a year ago but only limited to high end camera. Also, these phones don’t give a long exposure(limited to 1 sec). But meizu phones give a 10 sec exposure. I have placed my meizu phone between rocks on a hill and got 10 sec exposure of the stars in night sky.

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