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HI SISTERS! A huge topic in the makeup world lately has been retouching and editing photos, and for some reason many people seem to think that beauty gurus fake all of their images. Today I wanted to talk to you guys about the do’s and don’ts of editing, why it’s okay, and show you my process from start to finish on how to take your selfies from drab to fab! Hope you guys enjoy the video and don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe!




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Michael Rusakov


Norma Ruiz says:

He work really hard for his Cartier ring and wants everyone to remind us poor people to know that it is there

Damon Kersey says:

that’s your irises not your pupil lol

Amina Di says:


Chariz Santos says:

Idc about how you edit your pics. Sis tell me how you edit your animated intro!!!!! IM DYN TO KNOW

Halo says:

Oh no i have to run

Rana 1016 says:

Why is he actually Lil Miquela?


This is my first video of James. And honestly he seems like a nice person..Idk why he gets so much hate….

Mack Faith says:

6:22 what was he trying to do there?

Lauren Indart says:

“Hey lauren why do you have trust issues?” Me :**links this video**

Sára Popović says:

6:34 nose hair

Kristýna Teličková says:

Love you❤️❤️❤️

SmileyInk says:

Am I the only one who can understand him fine??
I mean… I guess italk reallyfastjust likehedoessomaybethathassomethingtodowith _et_

Sammy horselover says:

Ugh my queeeen

OhyeahAdri says:

This is actual genius

Cayla Lovato says:

I was looking for a really good video about picture editing, and was weary of this one….then I remembered the controversy of the photo that made James famous and realized he’d be the best to learn from.

Jack McArdle says:

I had to slow the video down to actually understand him..

Logan Mason says:

flashback mary is shaking

TheOrchadok608 says:

I literally like an hour ago saw your brown eyes in your first video and I thought they were really pretty

James Charles says:

SETUP ON FLEEK!! Audio… not so much LOL! Sorry guys! I’m still moving in and setting up my filming room, so please bear with me for a few videos while I test run some different things! If anyone is knowledgeable on audio equipment, please contact me so I can find the best possible solution for my setup. Hope you sisters enjoy the video!!

Brianna Boling says:

I can’t breathe James please help get me more make up to be like you

Amal Arraleh says:

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stagram followers without problems, then try incentafan. without any surveys, no human verification, no unnecessary clicking!

taylor milano says:

“OMG James photo shops his photos???”
Ugh yeah every one does. I do you do every one does. Eat my ass.

simmyboo says:

Thanks for being so honest ♥️♥️✨

Shelby Noel says:

Love how honest you are!

Honey Kristelle says:

Ouuuu girl. I should start taking my ig pics with snapchat’s cam!,

Nodir Cyrus says:

thank you so much❤

Audrey Harris says:

HONEY SISTER! YOUR NOSE IS LITERALLY PERFECT! it is perfect for your face James. I understand we all have our insecurities but honestly babe your nose is not too big at all. I hope you would never consider having work done on it I think it is so beautiful and your face. although I would completely support you if you chose to do that I just find it completely unnecessary because it is a beautiful feature of yours and it is totally symmetrical as well as everything else on your face.

attitude says:


Patrick Lowery says:

What favorite app did he say in the beginning ?

Hafsa Jamaa says:

You have nothing to explain for sister, love what you did to the eyes btw and great work

Mia Bailey says:

exposing himself before anyone else can

2 Time BrainSurg Survivor/RareDisease Fighter says:

Your nose is perfect on your face! Fits it well and is cute as can be. Don’t hate it doll face!

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