iPhone 8: A Photographer’s Review

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The iPhone X might be stealing the spotlight, but the iPhone 8 is Apple’s shot at their next blockbuster phone. It’s design can either be thought of as another round of the same or the final form of this concept. Either way, this isn’t a phone that should be easily dismissed.

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Key | iamSmexx says:

you’re so cute <3

aGeorge says:

Best review, you stick to the stuff I care about.

runningmirror says:

And hundred other photographers tell me to use Google Pixel 2 cuz the 8plus camera is shit in comparison to the pixel 2 ones.


well.. The Samsung phone has more technology indeed. But if the iPhone 8 does a good job too, then whatever. I buy it

Julius Beck says:

dahm I live in calgary

ladyyyyygaga says:

Has anybody beside myself have problem with the iPhone X/ 8 flash while taking a picture at a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius of below ?

Daemon247 says:

Change the title to Iphone 8 PLUS,i just hate misleading titles,i am looking for videos on Iphone 8 NOT the PLUS.

Daniel Sun says:

If you are testing the iphone 8 plus, then include the “plus” in the title!!

Fito Pardo says:

In what camera you are recording this? the image quality looks superb, thanks

ImGr8M8 says:

Wait… so you’re telling me that I don’t need to shoot every video I take in 4k 60fps?

PC Rehab says:

Amazing video. Thanks!

marciano van vulpen says:

I gave my 8+ away and took a note8. The Note takes way better low light photos. And both lenses are stabilized

KetoBiker says:

Good review thanks

Haikeem Brown says:

Nobody wants usbc chargers. Shit people already spend hundreds on flemsy ass lightning cables we don’t wanna spend more on stupid usbc cables.

Steven Ross-watt says:

Fast wireless charging already exists in the market. I believe Apple are going to turn on the capability with some sort of software update. Samsung and other android phones have had fast wireless charging for a while. I enjoyed your review. Thanks

Daegan says:

gosh i love the glass back. worth the risk lol

Daniel Billy Graham says:

A guy kept his entire review video as an advertisement at the start . Lol..

Mr Iza says:

Damn you live in a beautiful place

InTheLifeOfHermione says:

How do you only have 42K subs? You deserve like 1.2 million!

Ivan Atmanagara says:

Thanks for this great review. Amazing place to shoot a video.

Rahul Manoharan says:

False title. 8 plus not 8

Everything I Know says:

i have got iphone 8 plus, I am don’t like the pictures in low light

Chimabue Mapee says:

You’re so charming

Matthew Finger says:

Fantastic video! 10/10

Gerard Rosales says:

Tyler, what case did you have for your 8 Plus here?

Tiana Hicks says:

I have the 8 plus in gold and I upgraded from a 6s (not plus). In my opinion it was definitely worth it. The battery is a lot better and the pictures come out so much better. It’s almost like a professional camera! Definitely recommend updating if you have a 6s or older but in my opinion it’s not worth it if you have a 7 plus already

Invictus Dominatus says:

Is it so hard to title your video properly!? If u are reviewing the 8+ then title it 8+ ffs

Thiss55 says:

I would like to buy the 8 Plus, but it’s still too big for me. It’s just not handy to use it with one hand. So I’m getting the 8.

Justin Morales says:

Great video, you just got a new subscriber! Btw I used to go through a lot of iPhone cables also, then I bought the braided Amazon basics braided cable and it has lasted me a reallllly long time

Ryan Pena says:

he’s hot

Vinicius Live says:

I understand why people weren’t expecting the iPhone 8 and plus, but I’ve been using it for 2 months now and I don’t regret a single penny spent on it.

BHFC says:

I think it’s a great phone

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