iPhone X: A Photographer’s Review

In depth iPhone X review & camera test by a professional photographer
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A massive thank you Chris Dowsett for 3D work on this. VFX is more time consuming than you think!

UPDATE: A few people have pointed out that the video is a little soft in this video. I hate to admit it, but I had a last minute issue during export, lost a lot of the quality on upload, and didn’t notice until it was too late. For those interested, I have now uploaded a 4K version. Some shots are 1080, but I think you’ll agree the whole thing looks a lot better.

iPhone X Review: 4K Edition https://youtu.be/NECBiCeoVIY


good best ideas says:

Kya baat hai Bhai mast video hai Mai like share Kar Diya hoo

RagingTiger says:

Thank you for using 2:1 ratio, it allows me to use the entire real state on the best screen on a smartphone, my Note 8

Jason Ong says:

Awesome video as always Tyler!

Sevina Lee says:

Subscribed as soon as I watched that intro. Amazing, innovative content which breathes new life into the tech review community which can get a bit repetitive after some time. Great video!

Dalton Porter says:

Man, thank you for doing a proper aspect ratio for this, I’m starting to hate watching YouTube videos on the X bc it is surrounded by black bars

A&D says:

This video seems like it was produced by Apple itself! Woah! I am blown away by the interesting new approach in reviewing tech. Highly watchable! Keep it up.

Victor dARKO says:

Great video editing

imicca says:

beautiful review

Singh is King says:

You called it X “Ex” even after you said it’s pronounced 10 lol

Jeremy Chen says:

Man I just love your screen ratio

Lachlan Jocubeit says:

In terms of production quality, you don’t get much better than Tyler…

Rachael M says:

Excellent review of some things I didn’t already know about my phone! Just subscribed!

m p says:

Switched from a 20 month old Galaxy s7 to the iPhone X. In less than 12 hours I’m already in the Apple loop. Loving FaceTime and iMessage games and the camera is amazing. I already update my instagram with a crisp picture from it. Needless to say I’m loving the X.

gamer dash says:

What can I say your videos looks so perfect ❤️❤️❤️

Yash Patel says:

Your photography and cinematography skills are AMAZING. I’ve tried looking everywhere for the pictures you shot but I can’t find them, please can I have the mountain one that you’ve used in the examples?

Kenneth Heinbecker says:

Excellent Video Tyler! I got a fortune cookie last night that read “Everything good will now come your way”. I am pretty sure that cookie was meant for you! Cheers

Anthony Arreola says:

Great video

Cristian Tarcea says:

Top quality content ! You have a new subscriber 🙂 Congrats !

Kevin Martin says:

top video, mate ! Subscribed ! Interesting page also !

chun wei Hsu says:

I love everything about my iPhone X except for the price

Michael Østergaard says:

You put others to shame!

Ruben Otero says:

I will be getting an iPhone X in February.. 2 more weeks! 😀

TheMoZone says:

Umm it’s pronounced iPhone *10* actually, gawwwsh

Siddarth Joji says:

Any photographs here? How can I get a 10sec exposure settings for iPhone? Thank you.

Karki Chintan says:


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