iPhone XR & XS: A Photographer’s Review

In depth iPhone XS vs iPhone XR review & camera test by a professional photographer
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Peter Foggy says:

Do you find that skin tones seemed to be “pasty”. I know when I take pics under studio lights (I’m a videographer), the skin tones look horrible.

Bharath kumar says:

your co-partner somewhat look alike Tokyo in Money Heist netflix series ..

Kyran Chew says:

I love Dundas Peak too!

The RaRa85 says:

Really digging the smart HDR and stereo recording that miles ahead of the trash recording from the Pixel 3. Apple did great this year even though they still got the other stuff wrong IMO.

Lee Cason says:

Night sight next year? There is no reason not for them to put it in this years model. That is the problem with apple. There is no reason why they can’t put software features in older phones. The X has a powerful processor and there is no reason it shouldnt be able to do 99 percent of all of the XS features, or Googles for that matter. Night sight is on the old pixel and pixel 2. No need to perpetuate the planned obsolescence that companies (not just but especially) apple does. Almost all of the XS features are software related, not hardware (hardware being the bigger sensor and better optics) but the new fake bokeh mode, the HDR+ for lack of a better term, HDR video, etc. Are all doable on the X.

JohnJohn says:

Are you in virginia?

Jerome Ley says:

Remember when you (most likely) voted for the pocophone in the mkbhd tests? This message is sponsored by pocogang

Boi S says:

Great video Tyler! Just got my XR and I love it!

Anupam Mahato says:

Huwawei mate 20 pro a
photographer’s review

Ahad Modak says:

Why don’t you have more than a million followers already?!!! Love your videos

Alex R says:

I was really excited about the Xr and the price point when it was announced in the US. But I got really disappointed when the price was announced in Europe​. It costs around 1000 Euros = 1140 Dolars.

Kaushik Talukdar says:


Sarvesh salelkar says:

Thanks for awesome review…

Reginold Pathmanathan says:

I like iPhone but I can’t use Pixel; Why do they can’t give us the options to get the perfect image out of the box. Not everybody who using iPhones are photographers tho

billtang79 says:

Hmmm thanks I think I will listen to your podcast to hear more

Kai thelad says:

never realized you were from Canada. i’m happy

Tyler Stalman says:

If this video was interesting I promise you’ll want to hear episode 34 of the podcast https://www.stalmanpodcast.com/34

The developer of Halide had a lot of specific insights into how Smart HDR works and joe to get the most out of the new iPhone cameras

Jerome Ley says:

Where i live, the iphone xr costs 1,200 usd

_IFLP says:

Stellar review as always Tyler, I had no idea you had a podcast, will definitely be listening!

Jason Pike says:

Webster’s Falls!

seopji seo says:

after watching this im gonna get the xr replacing my 6s thanks for the great review

Nanda Kumar says:

Excellent presentation and the choice of the woods and rivers makes this video more pleasing to the eye and yes, attention to detail is great!

Linxy says:

were you mad when apple released the vega upgrade options for the macbooks after you spent hundreds of thousands of $ on the ‘old’ models?

RAWKUS tv says:

Wow! I love this review. Still got the 7 plus but think due an upgrade

Frank Houston says:

Great scenic location for thus video hoping to get iPhone XR during $450 sale. Have you done review of X-RUNNER attachment lenses ?

How2Not says:

0:30 it looks like he’s only 4’6

Dope Man says:

it’s not the phone, it’s the man behind the gun! your photos are amazing tyler!

Amna says:

I’ve recently got the XS Max, and the pictures taken from this thing are just stellar, imo. Really happy with my purchase, almost every shot looks perfect. The colors look amazing and the flatter image does give way more flexibility in post processing. I wish I could get Halide tho, I already have ProCam 6, which I purchased years ago.

Bradley Dobbs says:

Excellent review man.

netanel kashani says:

Great video, love your channel everyone subscribe!!!!!

Cats Are Cool!!! says:

I have the 8 plus

Nícolas Da Silva Batista says:

The fact Apple put a bigger sensor on the iPhone is pretty huge to me. When Nokia did, nobody followed. When Huawei did with the p20 pro, no one followed. But now that Apple did, we can finally expect manufacturers to increase sensor size across flagships.

Great video, Tyler!

MoltenCheese says:

Whats that location @ 5:30 with the mountains in the background? Is that in Canada?

Henk says:

Iphone 7 camera is really good

Lizner09 says:

That girl is straight out of one of Apple’s iPhone commercials lol

Krychol says:

Great video! Sub :):) I knew that Ania is Polish 🙂 Beauty, smart 🙂 Greetz from Poland 🙂

Isaacsmalleymusic says:

IPhones are great but I still don’t think they can quite replace a camera!

abdelkader didouh says:

And …subscribe.

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