iPhone XS Max Camera Review | Photographer’s Perspective W/ Sam Elkins

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Evan Pragliola says:

Upgraded from an x to the Xs max and I think the lowlight camera stuff is really impressive. I just need to go to a concert and put the stereo speakers to the test 🙂

Felix S. says:

Having an iPhone is bad ass with an android phone too. My choice is iPhone se with and Samsung s8 plus so far next year would be the iPhone x with an note 9

MoscowBaseStation says:

I upgraded from 6sPlus .. crazy difference. But. I hated to say goodbye to it. Now I need The moment anamorphic lens and case oh, is the case out yet ?

beradri ka handle says:

Like its nice phone LIKE apple make premium products LIKE they are LIKE expensive but LIKE they are built for LIKE long run LIKE.

SamJPC says:

Do you think it’s worth it selecting the focus by tapping the screen or do you just let it choose focus by itself?

Michael Lima says:

Niles has hair! That is all.

Moment says:

Sam already upgraded…

LDN Bikes says:

When will you be doing a review on the xs max with your lens on a gimble?

kenishiro says:

i freaking love those two from Mango Street!

Gustav .K says:

Help! What’s the music at 4:30?

Karan Parihariya says:

Apple fan boy

Duarte Lagoas says:

Nice iphone advertising, can you make a comparison with the note 9, please?

Sputz3 says:

Sam must be tall to have that Lurch voice. “You Raaang?”

The Schmidt Life says:

Are you guys planning on doing a comparison with the iPhone Xs max with and without the Moment Lenses?

Júlio César says:

Moments reviewers are the nicest ones ♥️ something different bout you guys

Elevated one says:

This was dope salute to you and Sam

JKC says:

Pixel 2xl

Renzo C says:

This video is different. It’s a solo ride.

The Truth says:

Lol iPhone can’t watch higher than 1080p on YouTube.

Itz.tren__ says:

Hey, Nice video!! What do you use to edit your pictures??

Benton Melbourne says:

I really like you guys. But I hope you all are aware of how terrible the anamorphic lens kickstarter campaign has been for your fans. The communication has been terrible. The estimates have been meaningless. What is more, it feels like Moment is purposefully giving us inaccurate information – that they are stringing us along. Meanwhile, the happy videos keep coming, the new products are announced… it feels like Moment has left us behind and doesn’t care. The disconnect is infuriating and makes me think less of Moment.

Petra Lomas says:

Love my iPhone XS Max

CallMeNumber8 says:

How much apple pays you?

EyeTell Stories says:

This video could use some contrast

TheOddacious says:

Can’t wait for the full review with downloadable photos! Did you find the Note 9 better? That Note 9 shoot was insane!

Dimitar Berbatov says:

Believe me ima upgrade just for the camera it’s a big improvement in every video I see the camera just blows me away I have a 8+ & I love the camera on here but the Xs max just look so much better

Chris R says:

I upgraded from the iPhone X to the iPhone XS Max! Love it!

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