iPhone XS Max Photography Review & Camera Tips

The camera on the iPhone Xs and Xs Max is capable of taking great photos and video. They have added some new features and in this video we look at how those features perform and highlight some tips to get the most out of the iPhone Xs camera.



it is so impressive, what mobile phone cameras are capable today!
thanks for sharing so much great content with us
always a pleasure to watch great videos like this!

Pelle Schwarzberg says:

Love your vids! Can’t believe how good this video was!

PS: fix your laces 0:15

skysurf capt. firdaus says:

Does xs max have a wide photo? Like huawei m samsung note…?

abhinav jaiswal says:

Photo zooming to photograph my eyepiece slightly spots iphone xs

Aashish's vineS says:

sir I want a I phone by I dose not have money

Noncomparable says:

I have both iPhone XS Max which is my daily & Galaxy S9+ for my business phone. I must say I love both so very much with the cameras to the way they work. I understand you have fans on both sides, but both are definitely great!

Reino Yu says:

Incremental improvements? LOL i have the iphone X and this is actually a lot improvement to the older version. And i do think its better than the note 9 and Pixel 2 as a whole. Better day light photography, better front camera, better video, and better zoom. While the portrait mode is hit or miss, but the exposure is always almost on point, and better color gradient than the note 9 (too warm) and the pixel 2 (too cool). Low light still need a lot of work. But as a whole, it is the best camera in the market. But we will see how much improvement to the pixel 3.

Maruf A says:

Really love to watch your Videos

Creative School says:

Best smartphone for videography

Artur Kosch says:

Would love to see an Test with the iPhone Xs Smart HDR vs. the ProCam vivdHRD. Thanks for the video.

Daniel Pedraza says:

Shooting in raw applies smart hdr? Or have you notice better quality in the raw format compared with the raw of previews iphones?

Evelyn Mancilla says:

30,000 views Exactly! Woot! Woot! 🙂

Kushen Lahiru says:

I’m a Note 9 user. But I love XS max’s color algorithm in photos❤

Joshua Oliveras says:

Wait. So is it better to shoot in 1080P? I’m trying to figure out the best video setting for filming things around my house. Kids birthdays. Babies playing etc. I used 4K 24 FPS but would default 1080 look better? I don’t need 4K. I’m just trying to get the best quality I can. Colors. Sharpness etc.

patrick jackson says:

Google HDR is way better then apples. I shoot raw on the pixel and on iPhone with the moment app and at the end of the day the photos are so close in quality it’s hard to tell them apart.


What is the app you mentioned in this vedio for photo editing!

calvin wahlstrom says:

iPhone XS camera is trash, Samsung is killing apple with cameras on phones, def a very noticeable difference

Big BrO Notation says:

Where did you get the off white prestos print? Amazing video.

Aaron Faucett says:

HALIDE camera app.

Dimitrie Stanescu says:

Jack, which camera have you used for shooting this footage? Is it the 6d or a6500? Thanks.

Tone Vuong Vinningland says:

What camera app do u use that u told about in this video?

Paolo Garcia says:

Which apps did you say you used again to take raw photos? Sorry i could not catch it and couldn’t find the link on the description too. Appreciate it! Nice vid

Miguel Martinez says:

thanks for the video!

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