Light Meter App Challenge

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Today I tested the accuracy of the Pocket Light Meter app against the Cine Meter II app while using the Luxi For All.

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avalanwa says:

This guy is definitely going in #CurtisJudd heavily! Lmao

alexshdvideo says:

Interesting. I have the Cine App, Cine II app that works well without a dome, I then got the Lumu (headphone jack version for $80 no longer available NOT the Lightning bolt $399 version) I found with the Lumu headphone jack version it would KILL my battery in my ipod Touch quickly, had to get a portable battery to keep the ipod juiced for the day and remeember to have ALL apps off all day long. What I ended up doing was getting a new Sekonic 308 XU (the Cinema version) and made myself a times table so when I read a T/F stop of say 64 I can look at my times table to see what ND I need to add to get the sweet spot of my Rikinon 24mm at T4 or 5.6 etc set and forget. Very fast. Or since my camera is running at ISO 400 native… drop the meter down to ISO 100 (2 stops same as ND 1/4 on camera) ISO 25 (4 stops same as ND 1/16 on camera) or ISO 5 (6 stops.. same as ND 64 on camera) and it all works well for me 95% of the time. The good thing about the Sekonic 308 series besides it’s only $220 is that the battery lasts months or years and the screen is reflective LCD not back lite LED. So fully readable in daylight, has an automatic illuminator for low light readings.. 2020 I might get a Sekonic top end $600 meter. But for now the 308 XU is fine. The Cine II app is great.. the Lumu (old style) is great but just killed my battery even with all the apps off, even in low battery mode. How do you like using the Luxi day after day? physicall does it hold up? I’m guessing the battery drain isn’t as bad as the physical Lumu device was, though maybe the energy drain waas the Cine II app?

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