Mobile Photography – New LIGHTROOM app & lens overview!

Today we are going over how to take advantage of the new amazing Adobe Lightroom app for mobile photography, moment lenses and a few tips to step up that ‘phoneography’ game should you choose to do so!
Colour Graded with my PM LUTS Pack :
The Music I use: – AMAZING for YouTubers

Moment Lenses :
Aputure M9 LEDs :

My Super Awesome Tactical Camera Bag :
My MAIN Camera –
My Second Backup Camera –
My FAVOURITE Lens Ever –
The Lens I am currently using right for EVERYTHING –
The Magic Canon Lens of Life –
The Mic I use –
The Boom Mic I use for Crispy Audio :
My Drone –
My Bigger Drone –
My Tiny Drone –
The stabilizer I use with iPhone :
My Slider –
The BEST monopod –
GoPro HERO 5 –


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Peter McKinnon says:

Phones..OR..DSLRs/mirrorless? Why?

Sasha Lyz says:

Peter, love your videos! Would love to see something on a Sony A77, camera I’ve been playing with. Any thoughts?

Fun Aholic says:

@music_makeslife check out my mobile photos insta


Pls do an iPhone lightroom app tutorial!!!

Eva Cocina rosa says:

Lightroom app was excellent, but now they screw it.

Minimalist Films says:

Well IPhone SE have a 4K camera, DLSR is always going to be top but the phones are creeping up and unless DLSR up the game it’ll be a battle

Brandon Crayton says:

Awesome video & you help out a lot thanks for that I been looking for a nice LED light to carry that one is perfect thanks will be ordering soon. Aputure M9 LED light I need keep up the good work your channel helps out a lot thank you.

Aman Ranjan says:

please tell me best lenses for s7 edge phone and apps too.please

Willson says:

Great videos Peter. I learn so much from your videos! Thanks!

Shobhit Chandankhede says:

6:43 Legend says that LED light never came out of Peter’s hoodie

Дамян Стефанов says:

love the Aputure M9 LED it’s truly amazing

Sravan Kumar says:

You are super awesome man…. All your vidoes are simply awesome

Lace Winged Saby says:

WOW thank you so much!
I am into photography since few months and I don’t have a job so not enough money to afford and buy a DSLR so the “moment” lens seems the right Xmas gift to ask for my mobile photo I use to upload on Instagram!!
Thank you so much for those helpful videos!!!

Axel Becker says:

Why can´t snapbridge do all what the lightroom app can? Even without the editing options, it´d be great.

Chetankumar Thakur says:

Hey, Nice Video Dude.. I can’t afford DSLR so High Cost Video Camera..Could You help I have Redmi 3 Note..With 16MP Camera and 4k Record Video..Can You Suggest me any app or anything that Could help me blur my Background in Like You did in this Video! That will be great help for me..

sarim khan says:

WTF man

Dragos Cutian says:

nope dont even bother youll get frustrated and waste money on these lenses and besides what is better wasting 400-500$ on iphone lenses or just going and buying 1proper lense for your dslr ?

TexicoRambler says:

Tim Hortons! Are you a Canuck too? Got vids.

MigglezNation says:

Can I change the highlights and shadows on lightroom mobile I got to have the teal and orange

Mß 57 says:

OCD on Snapchat.

Codestyls says:

Peter i have a nikon d5300 but i also want a canon for photography too i dont really use video that much what camera should i buy below 1k?

Trashy Hair says:

Thanks man, great video! I just got light room and its rad! peace

Ken Cruz says:

Right now I’m on an iPhone and it’s pretty good. I just used it along with the Moment app to create a mini film for my channel!

Coloc Tetorica says:

wheres the samples… …? …

Ruben Costea says:

backround music ?

Flakon Zharku says:

wich editing app is this ?

Carter Cleveland says:

This dude rips through this like it was as easy as opening a beer.

Tom Tom says:

Watched for 5 minutes and you told me nothing about the subject.  Your a waste of time.

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