MUST HAVE for Mobile Photography | NEW Moment Lens Review & Comparison

Moment lenses V2 ($90-100) just came out! Check out Moment –
Unboxing review and comparison (using iphone 7+) to the Pixter ($54) Clip On smartphone lenses. Fisheye, wide, telephoto & macro photo & video tests! Pixter 🐟👀 –
✨Click show more for Moment & Pixter lenses✨ This video was filmed on –

Moment lenses and photocase:
Pixter fisheye:
Pixter wide:
Pixter telephoto:
Pixter macro:
iPhone 6 olloclip:
iPhone 5 olloclip:



Sony RX100 V –
Camera Case / Strap –
Bendy Tripod thing –
DJI Mavic Drone –
Sony A7S II –
Sony 70-200mm –
Most common lens on A7S –
My Shoes –
My Ray Ban Sunglasses –
Best phone accessory (back of my phone – pop socket) –


New Here?

Hi! My name is Sara Dietschy (rhymes with peachy) and I live in New York City. There is a new video on my channel EVERY WEEK NIGHT (Mon-Fri). I upload vlogs, tech reviews, travel & lifestyle videos; as well as creative / entrepreneurial focused interviews and documentary films.

For more about me watch my “Film My Life” video –

These lenses were sent to me for free but this IS NOT sponsored by either of the companies. Both pretty dope tho. Should definitely check them out. I used my iPhone 7 plus in this video – I linked other smarphone lenses above to check out.


Walt Disney says:

hey dear your video is amazing thank you so much for this information if you dnt mind can you plz tell me what’s contact lenses your wearing it’s looking dam pretty on you thank you

jasiek7788 says:

What the fuck you just made?!

Oscar Garcia says:

Have u ever tried the RhinoShield Mods Lens??

Ally says:

Idk how you can say Pixter video was good, it looked terrible

Filmoments says:

Hi here is a sample of my iPhone7 shortfilm using some gear like osmo ng moment lens,

pinkklipstick says:

Those lenses look pretty cool.

pierre pouget says:

‘think you shoulf keep your head more sready while vlogging yourself ’cause i just can’t focus on your pretty nose ! (greetings from the fan attic…);also you seem not to like cases,but you look like cases neistat girlfriend? sorry,my french;

Mel Mel says:

Good to know

Zino Productions says:

It looks like you didn’t clean your phone lens and/or the third party lenses that you were using in some of those shots which is why they look so blurry. Rookie mistake!

Matttaro says:

The thumbnail made me think that you were Casey Neistat’s wife so I clicked lol. I can’t possibly be the first to notice this similarity. Good video tho!

Summer Lofn says:

Just pre-ordered the S8+ case. Excited to see what I can shoot now with my phone.


You are very sexy…..
Will this lens work with android smart phone…??

Miguel Silva says:

How does a new Moment wide lens behave in a new Pixel 2 phone for video? I mean the OIS and EIS stabilization works as expected with the lens? what about all of this mounted on a gimbal? that would be interesting: Pixel 2 + Moment wide angle + Gimbal and 4k video…

theory8sf says:

I feel like making my own Youtube channel with my iphone and moment lens!

Sangeeta Heines says:

Great video! I just saw another that is used by an author who likes to take pictures.

Baconface McGee says:


Michael Manus says:

Y’all need to watch your fingy prints when doing these tests I think. The moment lens looked smokey at some times, and sharp at others.

Angel Gonzalez says:

Love your videos. Glasses look good on you.

The Miller lounge says:

Your vlogs are so dope to me I’m a new YouTube rim in new York as well I would love to do a video with u hit me back ASAP !!!

The5LazyNinjas says:

I personally like Moment better, I had a clip on when I went on a vacation and some of the clips were lost because the lens was blocking some of the camera and blurriness. The Moment is easy and personally like the case, I’ll use it even when I don’t have the lens on it. With the case too it’s easy to just twist the lens you have on the case and go.

Mike Downey says:

“But officer, Sara told me to ‘whip it out and take a picture!” Here, I’ll show you the YouTube video. It’s at 3:06!”

Maloomat. says:

Why do i feel that i have see this girl alot, in porn movies. I m getting more n more perverted each day

Dustin Aubry says:

Not a fan of the wide angel or fish eye But Liked the video.

Amandeep Singh says:

You look similar to casey’s wife.

James Shan says:

Is it just me or do you look like Candis vlogging? If you know who I’m talking about. Billy!

ali yarar says:

8:37-8:47 what kind of camera?

Guria Nerd says:

I was looking for the Moment Macro lens and then google brought me here to show me this amazing youtuber called Sara. Thanks Sara for reviews of lenses (it wasn’t the macro lens, but Moment wide angle looks interesting as well to me). And thank you google, to show me this inspiration youtuber woman 🙂

Avisek Dutta says:

TAMRON 70-300mm sample pictures

Amzkie AnideM says:

Thanks for sharing this video
Where can i buy the moment lens
Reply pls
God bless you always

Rustic plate comfort cooking says:

does your friend India, cooks?

TopLift says:

is your boy friend ok? he is so skinny. America is full of food? why skinny?

Junior Eluhu says:

Yeah the moment is built better.

Sara Dietschy says:

I hope you guys enjoy this video! Will be posting some pics / video from these lenses on my Instagram soon! SMASH THAT FOLLOW BUTTON IF YOU HAVEN’T YET 🙂

Charles Guinchard says:

Camera stabilization is #NextLevel

Rahul Mandal says:

U look gorgeous

Mr and Mrs Adventure says:

Thanks for all the great videos? Would you rather vlog using a iPhone 7 or 8 vs using a Sony RX100 V?

Geeks Life says:

Just bought all the moment lenses based on your review. I’m excited. I’m loving my iPhone 8+. Thanks for the review.

Ernest says:

Being DSLR shooter, I ordered the tele lens and fish eye from Moment for my Galaxy S8 can’t wait to test it out and do some mobile photography

LondonWills TV says:

what camera did you use to take this video ??

Dylan Rides says:

i seen you in one of peters videos i think once or something. ended up here just from a related video i was just watching about lenses your energy and “style” (is that the right word?…) reminds me of peter!

Sunni Smilez says:

Fisheye def is better for videos. Moment for pictures I feel

Apple Monthly Meetup says:

So.. you and @Erica Griffin have like the exact same mannerisms, hand movements and facial expressions. is there a class for that kind of thing?

Peter Vitale says:

New viewer. Really good video and quality. Thanks for review.

Syd Barrett says:

Lens’ sound great… but how much PROTECTION does the case give your phone from drops etc etc?

SleptOn says:

Is it me or do both lens add a light haze to the image/video produced?

Edward Suarez says:

Wow Sara. Your eyes from :15 to 1:30 freaking beautiful.

Franco V says:

Nice nose job

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