My Favorite Camera App of 2018!

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Download Huji:

On Android:


Dave Sabol says:

0:23 75%, not 100%, but I appreciate the effort. That said, it sounds like a sponsored ad as many other suggested below.

Josh Sarwono says:

Huji mama

Logan Johnson says:

This was run into the ground last year on IG

Mark gorzka says:

Nooooooo!!! Ouch

alex sandoval says:

Sounds like a paid ad.

Justine Peralta says:

this app is so 2017 haha

Giuseppe Marotta says:

Are payments monthly or just one time?

Zujian Lin says:

NOMO is the best!!!

Big Daddy Toyota Corola says:

it was kinda of a big thing all year. it got unoriginal by the summer so i stopped using it

Vaaanesser says:

omg basic bitches luvvvvv a huji pic

Roy says:

nowadays I guess who’s sponsoring the video before I click on it
im 3 for 3 right now lmao

Shivamrinder Kapoor says:

Try Adobe Capture, it makes ur pictures look like crazy art!! It is DOPE

clockwork simon says:

Cool video Sam, thanks for the tip! I legitimately remember using one of those green and white disposables waaayy baacckkk wheeeennn and that old man experience made this even more fun to see. Also, I would have commented 10 minutes ago but I had to let my brain develop this huj roll of puns first.

Jean-Luc Laval says:

So you mean Hipstamatic but only 10 years later?

Tucker Pearce says:

Cool video Sam!

Julianmcud says:

Nice comercial, hope you can buy a cup of coffe today

Evan Park says:

this is a copied version on an app called ‘Gudak’. shame

Flay says:

Get a film camera instead. Sorry, I love your videos but this sounds like a paid promotion…

Tony Wang says:

I downloaded it and it’s awesome! Thanks Sam!

Dave Altizer says:

I am a huge Huji fan and have been using it for a while too! So so fun

Michael Hurdle Production Studio says:

Thank you for sharing some of your craft. Huji looks like something I might take a look at. I just got a new Boosted Board Stealth about a week ago and I’m hoping to cruse around with you guys at the next Skateboard meetup.

Ben Engelbert says:

Huji Fuji

Ben Engelbert says:

Is the app optimized for the iPhone like snapchat?

Vishal Bhogal says:

Is this app integrated with instagram or snapchat?

Tassio Luz says:

What an awesome tip bro!

Easy E says:

It’s been out for so long now. I was a fan before everyone on insta killed it. Cool, but overrated.

Maks Bialek says:

Just get a film camera.

Collin Cornwell says:

Love me some HUJI

RandomPhotog719 says:

I just want hipstamatic for android 🙁

Shivamrinder Kapoor says:

what does the internet want to know next………your social security number??!! JkJK

ivansebanucci says:

This is a great video.

José Felipe Gasparian says:

you can also import the same photo multiple times at once, just tapping it as much as you want.

Gavin Middleton says:

You could make the view finder bigger on the free version too

Stefan Wolfrum says:

So this is like Hipstamatic lite?

Xerator says:

this app was hit like a year ago lmao

Fahad Khan says:

Dual promo bumming anyone ??

Jian Xiang says:

You should try NOMO.

Vincent Tse says:

very fun app to play with!! i like how the app uses 60mm focal length equivalent and 1.6MP for the low quality option (iPhone XS max), looks even more legit than the original quality ones

The Villa Family Vlogs says:

Thats freaking awesome. I’m gonna download the app. – Robert

condenador says:

bad video

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