Night Photography App – ProCamera LowLight+ Review

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We’ll show you how to take clear images with your iPhone at night. It’s normal to get bad quality and grainy pictures in the dark with your iPhone’s camera app. But if we use the “Low Light Plus” add-on of the ProCamera app by Cocologics, we’ll be able to combine multiple images in order to get a high-quality long-exposure image. This way we can see all the details of our subject, even if it’s very dimly lit.

The ProCamera app is an incredibly capable camera app. We’ll highlight a few of the app’s very impressive features, but the app itself has a very easy-to-read and thorough instructions manual. Be sure to have a look at that.

For long exposure or virtual open shutter effect to work, your iPhone needs to be held perfectly still. You can get creative and use whatever you have available, or you can easily use a Pocket Tripod. This iPhone tripod can adjust to any angle and fit in your wallet so that it’s with you when you need it.


UtoobMyth says:

Great video! Thanks.

MohondhaY says:

Great app!

Arif Rahman says:

Whats phone do you use for?

Hussain BH says:

ugh just buy a camera, sensors of phones cameras are microscopic, can’t expect good low light performance from those

nexus888 says:

looked more like an ad for the pocket tripod than taking night shots.

the night sky no longer looks naturally black but grey like if it was ever exposed.

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