Nikon D5600 Real World Review | Professional Portraits with just KIT LENSES (Photography)

Nikon D5600 “5 Min Portrait”: How to Take Professional Pictures with Only Kit Lenses. Download the RAW files right here ‎

The challenge for this “5 Min Portrait” / “Real World Review” was to use the Nikon D5600 and only the two kit lenses that are packaged with the camera (if you purchase the package). The two lenses are the Nikon 18-55 kit lens and the 70-300 kit lens which does not have VR.

The scene was Pam Cakes, a Philadelphia Cupcakery. There wasn’t a lot of space, not a lot of light in the back, but at the end of the day, the results speak for themselves.

Once again this video proves it’s the photographer not the camera. Yes the right tools help but if all you have are kit lenses, you can still get fantastic results.

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Making Moves With The Martins says:

I’m so inspired! This is a awesome video and I love how you walk us through the video and give tips!

brian marshall says:

Hi I was wondering what size filter I need for the kit lens as it says 52mm but I bought 1 and it doesn’t fit can you advise me thanks

Pijush Gupta says:

She is damn cute.

Michael Atkinson says:

Great video. What this says to me though is sometimes camera is more important than glass. I’ve got a D300 and I don’t think I could get these photos. The ISO is terribly noisy even at low levels. Hence why I’m spending first big money on possibly a D500 instead of expensive lens for D300.

Jeremiah Terry says:

Shouldn’t you be wearing a hair net back in that kitchen lol

Tanmoy Ghosh says:

Hey Jared!! It’s great the way you shoot. But one thing I would like to ask you, why is there too much contrast in your photos?

That Guy says:


Abby Rosario says:

Sprinkles. Image – fairy tale-ish, color, Fourth of July sparkler. Celebratory. Jimmies makes me think of some 10 yr old boy…

Paintball Noob says:

You should do a real world review on the D3400. Looked but couldn’t find one if it does exist

Amigo M says:

Top of urs camera …plz tell name of this flash..

bogdan bulhac says:

That bip done by your nose were the changing focusing points, like the D5500, D5600 gives the possibility to change your focusing points by using the touchscreen

bogdan bulhac says:

Forgot to mention, thank you for your videos and please keep doing them, they help a lot

Bey Bey says:

Jared what is the attached device of your camera for this type of shooting? Is it a flash or microphone?

Ezekiel Del Rio says:

What software are you using to view the pictures and edit them?

OverProcessed says:

Just got my new D5600…watched your T7i vs D5600 video and thought I made a mistake. Now, I feel better. Thank you.

Mukul singh Rajput says:

Did you use flash light ?

Sunil N says:

You just walk with him and get immersed in the review.

Simonarne Myklebust says:

are you gluten alergic. i didnt quite get why you didnt want to eat the cupcake

HerraGanesha says:

I got the feeling this could turn in to a porno at any moment.

irontruck says:

His fro must be all over those cupcakes….

Irfan Mallik says:

Sir, I liked this video very much and gave this complete tutorial in my video. This video really liked me and I also got the demand for d5600 And I did not know how to do this with him, but seeing your video, I now understand everything

Eugene Capielo says:

What is mounted on your camera sir?

Bey Bey says:

Jared what is the attachment on your camera in film clip (Nikon D5600 Real World Review | Professional Portraits with just KIT LENSES (Photography)

OG 1KiNoBeE says:

Great video fro , Just purchased this exact setup on bh earlier for 800 shipped includes the 5600 body , 18-55 vr and 70-300 as well as a 64 gig extreme sands. To good a deal to pass up . Ill be picking up the 10-20mm to as the whole reason for this purchase will mainly be for using as my main real estate photography kit. Have a question though , so is the 70-300 actually like shooting 70-300 or is it actually 110 to like 450 or whatever the crop factor is. Still kind of confused not sure if nikon makes those crop sensor lenses specifically for crop bodys. Thanks again

Celeste Sant says:

What camera would you recommend between the d5600 and the d700? Why? Buying used, the d700 has dropped in price dramatically. They’re both similar in price one’s full frame, the other cropped. Ones new, the other old.

Mr.NeonPower says:

Are those photos post Adobe Lightroom?

Marc Brooks says:

Has anyone else realized how high he is in this video or is it me just me lol

Rishi Ingole says:

Why the images are yellowish and over Saturate….

Satish Keshri says:

Sir, what have you put on the camera, in the same time, the video is also being created and can also be taken photographs? Can you tell me…..

Lindt says:

all of that ,took with manual ? Is auto iso good on that camera?

Zach Hall Photography says:

Awesome video! Love to see these kinds of videos that bring photography back down to what it actually is. It’s not about the high-end gear! Couldn’t agree more! Though there is one thing I’m surprised about….how did you get away with not having to wear a hair net in there?!?! 😉

Marios Askanis says:

This is very helpful, could you please upload more videos like this.Thank you 🙂

luna says:

at 2:04 you take lots of photos very quickly in a row. How do you do that?

Sunil N says:

Jared, This is one heck of a review. Nice work, Keep rocking!!!

LgWilly744 says:

Wow, I sat here for over an hour. Incredibly entertaining and informative, it felt nowhere near that long.

Junai Biswas says:

Canon 200d or Nikon D5600?

DenBlackie - super neo turbo mega says:

I have the Nikon D5600 with 35mm 1.8 & 18-55 mm KIT lens. What is the best option for buying a good zoom lens which is also good in low light ? I can’t find any comparison online for Nikon D5600 between Nikon 70-200 mm f2.8 and a KIT lens equivalent for example in terms of image quality, sharpness and low light performance. Any suggestions/advice ?

Razor2048 says:

I feel like eating a cupcake now.

Eduardo Melo says:

What picture control do you used?

PanDamian says:

Hi, how did you used .NEF files in lighroom? For me only works converting them into .DNG ;/

Adam Kee says:

Wait! Do you have nystagmus!?

xblackcatx13 says:

What the hell is attached to the hot shoe?


You’re so right, three years ago I did a shoot with D200 which I have for more than 10 years now and one of the photographers was published in a yoga magazine in Switzerland, so I know the camera does not make the photographer.

Neil Salmonsen says:

Jimmys all the way. Great vedio

hoàng long says:

She has a cup cake tatoo on her wrist. She realy love them so much . 🙂

Roger Starchild says:

I need a camera for taking pictures of paintings for reproduction. Is the D5600 good for it.

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