Open Camera App Tutorial – Filming with Android Camera Apps!

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— Open Camera App Tutorial – How to Film with Android Smartphones! —

Recently we released a video covering the BEST Camera Apps for Android Videos (here: and Open Camera was one of our top picks!

It’s incredibly powerful and has a TON of options… In this video we run through a full Open Camera App Tutorial to show you exactly what you need to know to film with Android smartphones, and start getting awesome results FAST!

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Shama Parveen says:


learn with study says:

g00d iam fr0m pakistan

EasyTech CO says:

Thanks for this tutorial! Now Im really able to takeout the best of my old Moto X 2013

Danny Seaton says:

I’m having issues with the focus lock. Just isn’t locking… Still jumps in and out of focus with this mode activated. Not sure where im/the app is going wrong.
Would love to turn on the API setting. But Huawei decided to code the phone to be set at “limited” grrrrr….

minecraft player mosa says:


Vuday Lik says:

60 FRAME PER SECOND not work!!!!!

wonderful world says:

For the 1st time i watched full advertisement..

RDT Cares says:

I’m about to be famous! Great tutorial!

Hasham khan says:

How i chang storage location in open camera

Badal irfan says:


Time 2 Shine Mobile Valeting & Detailing Specialist says:

Could i use my Bluetooth Headphones, for external Mic as its an hands free kit also thanks Justin

Andy Raman says:

thanks man i will try out

OhPervyOne says:

Hello, Justin! I recently obtained a cheapie bluetooth remote shutter control called the AB Shutter. It’s supposed to be for iOS & Android.
Have you ever used a remote shutter control? I looked all thru your videos and I don’t see anything about this subject.
Do you know if my little cheapie device will work with OpenCamera? Or any other?
Please consider making a video on this topic. Maybe even do a review of a couple of products. It would be much appreciated.
Looking forward to it!

Digital Escapades says:

Enable video stabilization feature is not available on my lg g3…

Wh3tst0nE says:

oi, u havin a giggle there m8? living in america allows for more FPS in your videos, wtf is this rubbish?
🙂 what if i’m not in either of these places? i think i’ll just use thirty, then. prefer the american accent, anyway.
btw, great quick turorial.

Magick Academy says:

Thanks for the information, but my files are saving by default on my android to: storage/sdcard0/DCIM/OpenCamera. So its not saving to my sd card? Can you tell us, How can I change it to save to my sd card? Thanks.

Mahdi says:

Hi Justin thanks for awesome videos
i happen to have the same Rode usb microphone but i have problem with it when using open camera
the sensitivity of the mic is too low…so it wont record my vocal the way i want it…
how can i change the sensitivity of it…is there any app that gives u this option?

Dynamic Creations Art says:

amazing and ssooooo helpful, thank you so much!

Jacob Lethbridge says:

A very helpful video! Thank you so much! Just got the app and a new Lav mic. So excited to get my channel back up and running!

Jeff Parry says:

I struggle to get an external mic working with the ZTEA602. Deosn’t work with trrs or trs plugs /shrugs

Chris Rag says:

Can someone use it vertical and not horizontal?

Adithya poojary says:

How to set shutter speed??

suke says:

u helped me alot

TomyTek Outdoors says:

Awesome video. This helped me make my first video for my channel using my phone. Then I eventually bought a DSLR. My phone actually kept over heating while shooting because I kept having to do retakes.

Ralph Dinkelmann says:

fantastic video! Always look at your videos first!
Just also wanted to know…who sings the song in the backround?

Nick Lavallee says:

Great tips. I personally appreciate these videos very very much as I am about to launch my YouTube channel for the first time and I’m quite nervous and new at this. Thanks again

Jason King says:

Fuck 4k… it is overhyped bullshit….1080p and OIS, 60fps and proper exposure+focus is what you need to make a good video and photo…

Praveen Kumar says:

How can I set 4k video in Lenovo vibe k5 plz tell me sir

GQ Reviews style & Fitness says:

I had a question I use that app but it took up all of my internal memory on my phone. how do I get more memory…?

Klaus S says:

On my Huwawei P9 sound and picture (video) are not syncron. The pic is delayed. You can see this also on the display, while recording. Any sugestions?

CK Montenegro says:

This was really helpful thank you so much!

Ibraheem Al hadede says:

Open camera HDR is amazing

The Hurricane Productions says:

Thanks justin 🙂

Lion Gaming says:

It can’t record 60fps

Rupkatha Banerjee says:

I can’t stop watching his content

Katrina's Toy Channel says:

What is the timer for? I see you have yours set at 5 seconds……..

MrChiprocks1 says:

Anyone know if there is a way to set my Save Folder (for videos and images) onto my External SD card instead of the default Storage on my Smartphone using the Open Camera App?

Muhammad Mustafa Sahaf says:

I accidently zoomed the video while usong open camera.
It is saved now.
Can u tell my how to unzoom the saved video?

Joseph Stott says:

Ummm… why did you tell people who are in AU&UK to select 25fps? What circumstances do you envision somebody recording video on an android device and needing to convert it to PAL? Because I have not seen it happen for about a decade. Even then it was on technology which was itself a decade out of date. :/

Tech Dreamers says:

Good video.

Open camera is the best camera app…

Rosser Runs says:

Thought this video was great. It helped with some of the basics and helped with some background explanations. Really useful to help with my own Channel.

J.R. Regenold says:

Open Camera app won’t shoot video on my Samsung s7 Edge. Press the video button, nothing happens. It works on my older LG

Till Pera says:

Thank you so much! I am wondering if there is a possibility of making my videos with the smartphone and this really helped me out A LOT 🙂

dsh vlogs says:

This is so helpful

dg k says:

What does video frame rate used for?

The Blue Boss says:

bro can I record with my phone at the same time recording the screen of my pc?

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