Open Camera – The Best Photography App for Android

Open Camera is an open source application for Android that is 100% free to use.

You can find information about the project at and download the app at

If you have any questions about this Open Camera, please let me know in the comment area below and I will do my best to answer them.

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Thanks guys.


* Filmed using my Google Nexus 6P

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Keith Starkey says:

Very nice vid! Thanks much. I’ll tell you, a simple vid like this makes it 100% easier to grasp a new (photography) app. Far easier for me to watch something like this and then dive than it is to dive in first. Thanks!

giulia chiara castiglioni says:

Good video! Can this App enable 120fps video on Samsung Galaxy S7? (240fps is cool, but i wonder if in low light 120 fps would perform better..)
PS i don’t own yet a samsung s7 so i can’t try

Anthony Johnson says:

how cane you flip the image in open camera. i use the beastgrip pro and need to turn the image up side up.

Earle Simpson says:

Thank you kindly.

Anthony Martinez says:

Is 4k on the nexus 6p more stable when using Open Camera?



MOOC says:

hi thanks for the great video. I just have a question: How could I use mirror image in video mode? because my face horizontally flipped while shooting video.How could I get the video looks exactly as what I see in my front camera? thanks a lot!!!!

EastAngliaUK says:

just found this one and will have to test this on my Lg G4. as most others are pay.

PriLA says:

i don’t like open camera image gloomy also image Samsung cam on my phone

LabRat6619 says:

I downloaded Open Camera but don’t have a Rotate button (between front and back cameras) on the interface, any suggestions ?

Ray Hayden says:

I loved the overview… fantastic job while needing sleep!

Michael 732 says:

I downloaded the app but had no clue how to use it. This is perfect. Thank you.

Alex TheGreat says:

Are the HDR photos from this app as good as from the default Samsung camera app?

Diamond Braids says:

Anything for the iPhone?

Shauni Williams says:

Excellent upload!

original fadli says:

wow iso 7656??
what your smartphone??
what about low light with your phone..

David Harry says:

Great informative video, sounds like it’s exactly what I need, thanks.

HogbergPhotography says:

This camera app is great! BUT, how do I get the HDR mode to look more natural? Its so freaking extreme! Wish I could set how many frames and how many EV steps of difference there should be between each exposure.. -That would be amazing!

neoNash says:

How do I shoot RAW files?

Viko Akbar says:

why i cannot save photo or video files to sdcard?


heyy..nice app..but how to take long exposure photo?

barnyard27 says:

Anyway to increase the shutter speed in burst mode. I have it set to “no delay”.

Alex Ram says:

are videos way more stable with nexus 6p using open camera?

zediekai says:

Nice video man! helpfull for us Android users haha lol

Earle Simpson says:

How do you switch video storage from internal to SD card? Thanks.

TheodoreJay says:

Thanks for sharing !!!!!

Michael's Madness says:

I have a andriod but it doesn’t have Ultra 4K Video Resultion


Excellent Vid as I currenly do my videos via my smartphone on LG G4 I hope this helps me brighten up my videos upon recording

Aasifa Shaikh says:

i loved the way you said video.. lovely accent❤

Raul Garcia says:

i can’t get 4k on mine??

BuffDaddy says:

my phone doesn’t accept 24fps and i really wanna go cinematic as hell,, does 25fps counts? it works so i wondered?

Raul Garcia says:

i can’t get 4k on mine??bb

Ruben Vieira says:

Hi, can you please thell how to enable the ISO option, like you do in the vídeo, i cant find that, i have an sony xperia x, thanks!

sridhar tammala says:

can we add voice to the video after making the video

Sanjay Sharma says:

How to take photos while doing 4k video recording. Can we take photo while recording video?

Raul Garcia says:

i can’t get 4k on mine??

Sulaiman Ayigoro says:

Hi, there. Please, how to pause recording video on Open Camera.

Cembellines says:

No panorama option? Thats a big let down

Center says:

I have a Galaxy s5 and I want to know, how can I make a good photo with Macro Focus.
Thanks 🙂

Alan Kovarik says:

Great app, but I cant turn off the shutter sound on my HTC Desire (I cant turn it off in my default camera app, but not here, strange). Its a bit annoying.

Earle Simpson says:

Thank you.

Eric Matic says:

Tried on my LG G4-H812 Canadian version, stock marshmallow, unrooted, and it is laggy. I tried others and so far the stock LG camera app is better so I am going to stick to stock camera app by LG.

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