Photos Walkthrough – Apple’s iPhoto/Aperture Replacement

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Walkthrough of Apple’s newest app for the Mac. Will this satisfy Aperture users? Keep photographers from switching to Lightroom?

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marcus blade says:

they should have just kept Aperture WTF are they doing I want Steve back Apple will always Suck with out him.

Paul Hojda says:

Photos is a worthy replacement for iPhoto, but it’s nowhere near as powerfull as Lightroom. No filters and masks, no color fringing reduction, no lens correction are just a few things Photos doesn’t have that Lightroom does.

carmas54 says:

it’s horrible, I ripped it out of my computer, I edit in LR5 and use iPhoto for album viewing, thankfully Apple allows you to still use iPhoto

Loopsrainforest says:

Shame on Apple. I love the aperture workflow and bought a powerful iMac just so I could continue to use Aperture. What an expensive mistake.

sjs says:

IPhoto was made for people who took pictures. Aperture was for photographers who took photos. This is a cross between them both. Simple enough for event picture takers, and has enough extra editing power for event photographers.
No, I don’t see professionals using this, but those who only live on Apple ecosystem, this would fit them better. Apple hasn’t gotten into photography like Canon, or Nikon, but I can bet the amount of photos taken by a camera made by Apple [iPhones] are near or supasses either of them.
Therefore as the late Leonard Nimoy would say: “It is only logical.”

6days says:

Thanks for doing this, Toby. I was wondering if I made the right move by switching from aperture to Lightroom 5, and I did. Compared to iPhoto, Photos looks to be an improvement. As a former Aperture user, it would be a big let down to go to Photos. My suggestion to anyone at the photography level to have purchased Aperture, switch to Lightroom, now in ver 6. The only thing I miss in using Apple photo software is the complex workflow taking LR photos into iMovie for better slide shows. I often use pan/zoom, multiple audio tracks, and other features where iMovie slide shows beat LR5 hands down. That said, I hear LR6 has much better slide shows and may be the way I go–or maybe the $10/mo for PS + LR.


Great job!!

tim mellis says:

does anyone know where I can find a tutorial that explains how to get my photos onto Yosemite? Also, for people like me who just went from win to apple, iMovie costs money now. Also can anyone recommend a tutorial for Yosemite. I can’t seem to find one on youtube. There are a few bad slow ones where they talk about the iPhone (I have an android) a lot. Good tutorial for Yosemite, anyone, anyone. Personally, I’m not too worried about face recognition as of right now. Where is my camera on the computer? Also for new mac users like me, it makes you pay monthly for some cloud thing.

VincentHannon says:

It would be OK if it was free. If you had to pay for it, well, if it was nearing LR in price it simply would make no sense. I’ve been using LR for two years now and it just works. And when they bring out the HDR merge and panorama even thought I’m meah about the latter we should be able to manipulate opacity.  

Paul Shin says:

Another great review. Do you foresee any problem with using the Photomatix HDR program with Photos?

RedCarpet222 says:

Thanks for the review. I am a massive user of iPhoto and one main thing I use it for is managing a large collection of photos – using ratings, then using smart albums. Do you have any suggestion, since they took out the ratings, for making this work?

JAFO-PTY says:

I loved Aperture’s interface, much better than LR (IMHO). This app is iPhoto with a different interface.

Bonabellfilms says:

Tim Cook is killing Apple. Stopping people from ordering books is just killing a lot of business and creativity. Photo can’t do 1/10000000000 of what Aperture can do.

TheVampyrebe says:

Thanks for the review. I was an iPhoto user, up to the day where I felt to limited. Then, I switched to Aperture. When I heard that Aperture would be discontinued, I had to make a decision. I went to LR. I was tempted by checking Photos, linked with Pixelmator and having thus an easy access from Final Cut Pro to make my videos using my pictures. Your video seem to have answer my question : would I want to bring my pictures back inside Apple ecosystem ? Probably not. I’m used to LR now, and there is a ton more control inside it. I’m just an amateur though, passionate about my pictures and my movies. I’m not a pro, but still… I think Photos will be great for those using camera with an output in direct JPEG. I’m shooting in RAW, and the reason for that is control… LR is great for what I do. It seems photos is aimed toward the amateur who like taking vacation picture…

Barbara Brock says:

I can’t figure out how to “share” a photo to third party websites….like photo competitions, etc.  I also can’t figure out how to “share” to Facebook “Pages”….it seems to only provide for sharing to a personal timeline.  What am I missing here?

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