Photoshop for iPad hands-on: an exclusive look

Adobe’s finally bringing Photoshop to the iPad in 2019, and it’s introducing a new cloud PSD file format that’ll let you work on the same file across multiple devices with Creative Cloud. We got to test an early version of the app and our art department had a lot to say about it.


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Please where are we on this? In 2019

The Verge says:

What would you use Photoshop for on your iPad?

Veronica Vazquez says:

please I need it NOW

Otis Bl says:

There’s an app called overlay which can do the same thing as what she did with the sword

Pavlo Valero says:

What about fonts? How do u get them on the ipad

Nguyễn Chí Cường says:

Can it runss on Ipad Air 2?

nathan mr says:

how to get it “beta version of PSD for iPad pro?

Andy says:

Great video! I liked that you showed how different artists view the app’s functionality because it gives you a great sense of the versatility.

Lee Bowers Jr says:

Did they release this photoshop yet?

Reality Check says:

Adobe can take their subscriptions and shove it, they are such greedy fks! PASS

Absolutely Dreadful says:

We really need a release date

Laura Bednarski says:

Hmm how come my screen looks totally different? I have PS express what are you using?

Starfire Technology says:

If it’s a subscription, then no thanks

EntityOR says:

How will you get it?

Santiago Lopez says:

Just us affinity photo 🙂

EntityOR says:

How to get this?

cameraman655 says:

Any hints as to when this will be released this year? I am chomping at the bit to give it a try.

Krayz_1 Mitchell says:

If the price isn’t in line with Affinity Photo I’m not getting it. If a small company can afford to put the work into giving us a fully functional editing app for cheap then big ole giant Adobe can do the same. I ain’t buying into name brand loyalty anymore.

Hej San says:

Please don’t make it full white/bright. I want it dark like desktop ps

Pamix says:

iPhone dowlonad ?

Br1aNn88 YT says:

Can they please release this soon?

Hey Imaness says:

So… buy the affinity for ipad or wait that photoshop for now?

MeshaL M says:

just buy a surface..

Ponyony says:

WTF? 3:45 rotates the iPad :O why not rotate the canvas :O?

Perry S says:

And the 3D animation export to video also in the app?

nerdwithjordans says:

Is the pencil tool available?

Kryptic Cherry says:

what is it called

Marcus Shaw says:

If they can incorporate my actions, that would be amazing!

D G says:

will there also be adobe illustrator?

Flyqueen says:

I’m an illustrator myself and the only thing i care for is if i can use my Photoshop brushes in the app and how the LINESTROKE feels.
Every app on the ipad feels different to draw with and for artists (who don’t draw in a kids style, like the ones shown in this video) this is important.
So yeah…depending on that the app may be great or just ANOTHER app you can draw with, that just doesn’t feel like the desktop tools we are used to.

Bethany Bishop says:

Does anyone know if the when they release Photoshop for the ipad pro if you have to have the most recent version (gen3) or will it work on a gen 2 ipad pro?

Monzer Farouk says:

How can we get the beta version

Nez D says:

My video editor said photoshop was always over his head but the Ps Apps (Fix, Mix, Express) are much easier to understand. Hopefully those aren’t made irrelevant for the non Ps specialists

GamersNiko says:

Sooo any info, when will Adobe Photoshop CC released for iPad Pro 2018, how much will it cost? Can I just pay once or is it going to be Monthly Subscription?

elisha wallis says:

Yes I would I really look forward to having photoshop cc on the i pad I want it on the i pad for so long

Billy Quinn says:

When will the full version be released?

Lisa Schmit says:

When finally photoshop comes for ipad?

The Little Grape says:

How can I download it now?

Belinda Love says:

Can I do text in text in here?

Pamix says:

Program name?

kami411 says:

What happens If your left handed and you lay your hand down slightly on the screen? Does the app think your hand is the pencil and messes up your drawing?

Adnan A says:

The best part of this will be a similar interface, but procreate is pretty good.

Tiffany Lea says:

Wonder how much it will cost? I get the Johanna Basford books copied and color in Photoshop. 🙂

MisterWealth says:

Is this worth getting (Ipad pro)? I want something with minimal lag and very portable when using the pen in photoshop for skin retouching

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