PhotoStudio AR – Augmented Reality app review!

Just so you don’t have to watch this, it’s AWFUL. But if you do watch it, you get to see Chelsea really frustrated with one of the worst apps ever made. Note: It’s even worse on an iPad! And the lights can’t be raised or lowered, nor can they be tilted, and the light quality is completely wrong.


Felix Belanger says:

It’s like trying to do 3D modeling without any parametric relationships… They should add anchor points and standard views, I think it could make the app that much more useable. It feels like they’ve tried to shoehorn every possible feature in one app

TimberGeek says:

‘”Are you smiling because I’m funny” said the man.’

S R says:

So funny. You guys make photography fun. I think you should make what people say to photographers 2 shoot

Janne Ranta says:

To be fair, this is just the 1st version. Wait 10 generations and your phone will lidar map the scene, measure lights and insert stuff and you wont even need to take a real photo.

Jason Semper says:


ascullydotcom says:

Needs way more motorcycles.

Derek Watson says:

people? kept moving around ha ha interesting review


okay… this seems to be a better present of this app…. still…. its corny… but hey if its good for a beginner… knock yourself out


um that app ( from the way YOU present it ) looks corny, ill have to youtube a better review and then decide if its worth it……chelsea might be having a blonde moment here…

Kristijan Siskovski says:

You don’t need a motorcycle or a backdrop in this app, you need a gun

nicodimus2222 says:

Still don’t need a cell phone! I was worried for a second there that this app would make it mandatory.

K D says:

It’s costs £13.99 in the uk – covert that to USD and it’s over $19!! …junk app and definitely too much to even think about ‘toying’ with.

Greg Smith says:

Thought I was going to see how far Chelsea could throw a smartphone. Very impressed with the self control here. I admit I had pretty high distance expectations after her more-than-impressive 600mm f4 handholding stamina demonstrated in an earlier video.

MrMoonpie001 says:

Jeepers, you have to buy items from the game store!!!!


Bhodisatvas says:

You just needed more motorcycles really.

Dissertations helpforU says:

Worth less

Joe Cerda says:

Somebody call AFV…lol

Colin Ziemer says:

Just in time for Westworld season 2

Remora Films says:

I had a seizure watching this.. thanks.

Scott's reviews says:

1:20. I just made the man really big. Hmmmmm

oerglwoergl says:

I think, she needs a motorcycle.

David Wood says:

I would have thrown the phone across the room after the first 2 minutes if I’d had to make this review.

Adam Bailey says:

Most AR in my experience has been dog sh*t. The apple store is riddled with garbage apps & needs quality control

Jon Kentucky says:

thought you guys already did levitation………..

Richard Percell says:

Enjoyed the episode review. I think you should get that Company to insert your image and Tony’s as models in the App! HA ! Perhaps holding cameras!

DP ie says:

Don’t be jealous Tony! 🙂

Abhianav Ashish Aind says:

Good Concept but needs lots of improvement… I think it will great if it comes for PC.

Foton Icon says:

Don’t you hate it when a motorcycle won’t land and it’s huge.

Nick Hart says:

You made me LOL at work, and then have to explain to my colleagues what the F you guys were doing… It didn’t go well.

Angel Angelov says:

FrustrationStudio AR: We’re not liable for the damages to your device, when you inevitably throw it against a wall.

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