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+ Film Born
+ Analog Film Seoul
+ RNI Films
+ VSCO Cam
+ 8mm
+ PicsArt

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+ Camera: Panasonic GH4 / Lens: 12-35mm 2.8f/s
+ Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X
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★ FAQs:
+ Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
+ Ethnicity: C: 3/4 Filipino, 1/8 German, 1/8 Chinese | R: Filipino
+ Place of birth: C: Canada | R: Saipan
+ Year of birth: both born in 1995


Uninspired says:

real talk: no one who does analog would say it’s cheap because that shit takes up a lot of money especially if you use quality film/cameras/chemicals

Roll-X groove says:

if you are an android user and u want the free VSCO X link subscribe to me and reply : done

Bryan Nguyen says:

Film photography is definitely not cheap. Good film stock costs about $7-10 per roll. Processing and scanning costs another $13-15 per roll. If you want upgraded TIFF scans, another $6 can be added to the total, plus shipping and handling. Ends up costing about $30 per roll from start to finish.

casey says:

omg 2018!!

Jeliards says:

are you guys half filipino? cause my cousins’ surnames are Pamintuan and Masangkay sounds like the usual filipino surname.

Tiffany says:

Great video. Those apps are really cool ♥️ ♥️ Hope you can check out *PHLANX* influencer platform where you can make marketing partnerships through their influencers directory and collaborations portal.

Mmia Mmia says:

Is AnalogFilm free? I cant find it on App store

Mila1234 says:

How do you save or download the film borders on the phone ?

Michelle Vanwollegem says:

How can you put the PNG images in camerarol on Iphone? Don’t know how to do it ..

shafiqah hanna says:

hey, how ur edit the vlog? its so amazing. TQ

Mahira khan says:

what do people who are broke download?

CJ says:

Please do a vid on how you take photos on your film camera and how you develop/ scan them!

Kimberly Bender says:

what film camera is that?

Will Brown says:

Camo girl looks baked

ToThe9s says:

+ @CassieMasangkay —
+ @RicciPamintuan —
+ @Wearetothe9s —
#wearetothe9s to be featured!

Maran Nacional says:

Hey! What did you use again for your collage? 🙂 nice video! Very informative!

salli matilda says:

so none of these are for android?

koolgirl96 says:

my mom said im done with your atitude give me ur computer

but i didnt say anything?

Penelope Wood says:

15$ for 26 fotos ?? (probably 36 fotos) but that is still expensive…normaly it costs 5$

aishwarya vijay says:

I had been searching a hella lot to find out how to do these film edits and now i finally get it! thank you so much, especially for the png’s <3 <3

ABPG says:

Lightroom preset here. 🙂

eliiaj says:

intro song please <3

Taylor Colette says:

I can’t believe I’ve only just now found you guys, but this video is one of my absolute favourites now! Please keep doing what you’re doing babes xx

romain coleman says:

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Cosmic Kids! says:

i cannot find the first two apps/

Photoshop Tut's says:

Which camera they are using

Garrett Barry's Tips says:

These apps are definitely great. The key nowadays with Instagram is standing out and also making sure you build an engaging audience as the new algorithm looks for that, on top of quality of images. Great video.

Elena says:

why can’t i find analogfilm?

Angel Cassandra says:

LOVE THE VID! Can you guys do a video or quick explanation on how you did that effect where you doubled yourself in the picture and laid one on top of the other?

YASI Sb says:

What about Android?

Theo os ama bobos says:

i’m ugly af so i can’t take photos of myself huh

shegenaga myg says:

you two remind me of ylona garcia and isabela vinzon

Jessica Martinez says:

who else says their name at the same time they do? lmfao <3

Rara G says:

We need a HOW do you edit these BOMB ass VIDEOS.


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