Set up a Photo Booth in Minutes

Thanks for checking out my app! Here is the DIY guide:


Uruj Sheikh says:

What’s the best iPad app to use for a diy photobooth? says:

Which is preferable to set up a photobooth – an iPad Air or iPad Air 2 ?

Canberra Lifestyle Services says:

does the app work in both orientations. I have the free version and after the photos are taken the in landscape the saved photo previews then go back to portrait viewing them sideways. I see in the video you use simple booth event edition in landscape the whole time. Is this just a free version thing?

Jesse Pedyfoot says:

can this program use a dslr instead of tablet camera

John Miller says:

“This app is no longer being actively supported” according to the App Store.

Marzia The Photo Booth Chick says:

Great video!

Eva Maria Sirch says:

Could you tell the iPad Case and the tripod you are using?

Klani Whyuwannano says:

Where did you get the iPad mini kiosk.

Simon Zillessen says:

is there any possibility to connect a normal camera ? and use the iPad as screen ?

Gabriel Ronquillo says:

where can get this app ?

Jay Fre says:

My recent comments were directed to using the suggested Makayama Movie Mount only, the other inexpensive option is use a Grifiti Nootle universal adapter/mount on eBay or Amazon for $14.00 to $20.00

Tom Duffield says:

what options are there for printing on site? i run a booth but looking for a second super compact setup but 100% need on site printing

leonorjq says:

Great Video! Thank you! Question about your iPad. What is the name/brand of the case that was holding the iPad and got attached to the tripod. Thanks again. 🙂

NaTUraLlyChicMoMenTs says:

Hi, could you list links to where I can find all the equipment and apps that you used? I have a wedding coming up and this is definitely a cheaper route as oppose to sending 500+ at some places for just 2hrs

DJ Dean says:

I have a few questions, 1 can you print right from the app on the same screen after the pics are taken, 2 do you need that light for the front facing camera, 3 does the app come with backgrounds?

TERRY Shuttleworth says:

What do you do when the battery dies? Is there any way to plug in the iPad to a wall socket? Also what happens if your guests want to print their photos? Is there a compatible printer for the iPad and the Simple Booth software?

Maria Evangelista says:

Is there a way to get the saved photos to automatically upload to a facebook page so photos are posted for guests to see? Thanks. Excellent presentation!

Jay Fre says:

great and thanks for the very helpful video presentation.

Mind Spirit Design LLC says:

In my company we have reality photobooth

Eppy Int'l says:

I was wondering if there is a way to sync two Ipads so one is the camera and the other is a the simple booth display to activate the camera

D says:

In minutes or 8 minutes

Jasmine Berenguer-Ramos says:

How can I connect this app to a printer?

Vanessaautorepair124 says:

What case is it

Noore Tautaya says:

Hi, can we use such setup to provide photo printing services to people in the mall. Will it work?

SwissWanderlust says:

Do you have any recommendations for what the fastest printer would be to use?

Ahmad Roper says:

Does the app allow me to print. I see comments stating you have to purchase the $300 license

Lucaut 13 says:

can you conect a dsrl camera?

The Street Elephant' says:

This is just an advertisement for the app!!!! Boooo

Kenteventsphotobooth. says:

Great work has helped cheers subscribed and liked it’s a crazy YouTube world please sub back Merry Christmas cheers….

Jonathan Nicolas says:

What did you use for lighting?

Heather McCall says:

Does it matter what size ipad I use?

Wilburn Ebanks says:

do I have to use the simple both logo? can I use my own?

Marie Marquis says:

I hope you get to answer my question as quick as you can since my event is in around 1.5 months. However, is it possible to use the app but connect the Ipad or Iphone to a Nikon/Canon camera? Instead of using the Ipad’s camera?

Mauro Lima says:

NICE VIDEO! Thanks a lot!

edgar diaz says:

are you able to print?

Kayhan Ali Baloch says:

Hi, can you use live booth for other apps too? Can we share other photos on Dropbox through LiveBooth?

Jay Fre says:

Only one issue in the entire set up guys, the on off (power button) on the ipad pro 9.7 is blocked by the corner circle that holds the wide angle lens and the corner of the ipad in place, but a simple trimming of that plastic to expose the button solves the problem and doesn’t seem to cause any concern for the ipad snapping in securely for me.

Great system, just as you suggest, as well as being a real money saver too! you guys ROCK!, keep up the great work and DIY instructional videos.

The Real JT says:

Is there a way to change the text on top for an event’s name instead of it saying simple booth?

Jay Fre says:

Are there any additional license fees required for printing at each event, or is the Simple Booth App all that’s required? Thanks Again

Claudio Valero says:

Im still waiting for someone to come up with a video booth

Kayla Sullivan says:

Can you upload/use your own “logo” or is the SimpleBooth logo the only option?

Jennifer Anorve says:

What stand did you use for the Social Kiosk?

Yesenia Cisneros says:

The Makayama mount is not available at the moment. Do you know of any other mount that can be attached to tripod and hold the light? I don’t want to get a second tripod for the light. Thank you.

Gabriel Escobar says:

Hey Mark does this work with Windows Surface? The camera is slightly better on them.

John Richards says:

While using the back camera setup for a better quality photo, is there a way that I can sync what i am seeing onto another iPad to face the quest so that they can still see what they will look like in the photo?

Photo Booth Start Up says:

Simple Booth is great! I recommend it with all my booths

morejamwithtoast says:

can i connect my dslr?

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