Street Photography (with the Fuji X100 and editing on iPhone)

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This is my philosophy about shooting street photography with the Fujifilm X100 and using the iPhone for editing.

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Canon 80D:

Sigma 18-35mm f1.8:

Canon 24mm f2.8 Pancake:

Tiffen Variable ND 52mm:
Tiffen Variable ND 77mm:
72-77mm stepping ring:

Rode Video Mic Pro:
Zoom H1:
Rode Smartlav +:
Rode SC3 adapter:

Zhiyun Crane:

Travel Tripod:

Fujifilm X100f (latest version):
Fujifilm TCL-X100:
Lightening to SD Card adapter:
Koolertron Shoulder Bag:

Aputure LED video light:


кристиян кичев says:

Which thumb grip do you use with your x100? I have been using my x100f 2 months now and really need some extra grip for that small camera. P.S. I really enjoy the content on this channel. It’s different maybe because you mix photography with philosophy and I really like that. Keep on

Larry Vo says:

Hi, what app do you use for the white border of your photo in instagram?

Street Shots says:


Andy Assistant says:

Id like to hear your love for the x100. 🙂

Amar Mehaya says:

Translate to Arabic plzzzzz !!

joe rayo says:

Are you editing in DNG files or JPEG on Snapseed/ Lightroom ?

Ian F says:

Great tips.

Melisa Wilson says:

I never thought about using an SD card adapter for the iPhone before watching this. Thanks for sharing!!

cesur ozkurt says:

For human snapshot street photography ,300 mm f4 if you are taking street photography snap shot . better idea . You can shot form far catch snapshot people. If you use 35 mm , 50 mm , 85 mm etc short lenses snap shot human photography turn to street portraits , you will miss the moment , they will see your camera will not be natural . it will turn to street portraits, than you have to ask permission you will disturb people .These are my experience . For snapshot street portraits or people use long lens .

Albert Lenard Manahan says:

What app do you use to transfer the photos via card reader??or it will just pop up automatically??i just bought a card reader but I don’t know what to do..I hope you can help..thanks!!

Uwe Ziegler says:

Nice video, thank you. Could you please repeat, which bag you use?

Mark Janes says:

Hey Sean, loving the videos; both content and style. I use an X-E2 with the 27mm pancake lens for travel/street. Similar form-factor to your X-100. Two questions:
1. I like the grip you are using with your X-100. Could you explain a bit more about it? How do you find it helps wrt steadying the shot? (By this, I mean the way you’re holding the camera, not an accessory grip!)
2. You mentioned that you have a feed to your website of your latest Instagram images. Is this with Squarespace?



Konrad Mroczek says:

Fantastic video. All the best, Sean.

Dmitro Grunt says:

With silver body Fuji I have filling that everybody looks at camera, sometimes people turn back to look at camera. So think twice, before buying “retro looking” or just black plastic compact.
I had simple black Canon for years and nobody cares, people just don’t see it.

Phil Hanson says:

Love this, really helped me a lot. Love your work. Keep these videos coming.

Gereon Zwosta says:

love your videos – always beautiful, no matter what topic you pick. your thoughts are even more appriciated!

Auri Ford says:

Which FujiFilm camera would you recommend now for street photography?

Andre Guerra says:

Great set of workflow tips. I have a Fuji X20 and absolutely love for the same reason. Got some people really impressed on the street when asking them to take photos of me and my wife during trips and realizing it was a digital camera. Cheers!

Hanny Alshazly says:

Thanks for the video and tips. I just got my hands on x100f to be my travel camera while I’m on business trips and I love it. Curious to know why you prefer to use the SD adapter instead of the Fujifilm iPhone app to transfer the pictures over Wi-Fi. Thanks.

林也 says:


Monde du Silence says:

great video and not blah blah nonsense like other photographers’ channels. Good job!

Effie Skitsa says:

I’ve just discovered that channel and I feel excited!!! Great tutorials, amazing aesthetic!!!

Jonathan Copeland says:

Another great video Sean! Your videos are the best and completely picture oriented. Cant wait to see more videos!!

An Vuong says:

Hey Sean, I love your videos and they continue to inspire me to pick go out and shoot regardless of my gear! I really enjoy the slide shows of your shots at the end and I would love to see them to also appear throughout your future videos

JK Low says:

A non brandcentric approach that makes even advertising appear as a non-advertisement, using a non-model looking guy sharing his experiences without looking like a paid spokesman. A very different video vs the other YT videos which are too obviously indirect advertisements. says:

i was just visiting lisbon (had a wonderful time) and thought it was such a visually interesting place. and this from a guy who lives in new york city! thanks for the effort and the sharing. i’m presently binging on your vids and very much appreciate the vibe. BIG thumbs up.

Tom Lally says:

Great information used here, you’re exactly right about getting funny looks with a dslr in your hand. I feel like I can’t even take photos in the street with my 5d mkiii. I wonder if I should get a mirrorless camera hm? Great images you’ve taken on Instagram! Peace and love.

Gavin Shen says:

Your vid made my mind. I’m getting rid of all my DSLRs and get a x100s, DSLR are no good to me since I don’t do professional photography, I only take pics on streets and with a DSLR I look like an alien. And all my pro video work are done with Sony mirrorless.

Moishe Lettvin says:

I really enjoy your videos. In this video I love that even though you’re talking about gear, the images come first and you approach the gear as a tool to help you get the images you want. I like that you can talk about compromises (like the crap focus on the X100) in a rational way — not “oh this is the worst don’t buy this camera” but, “hey, the focus sucks, but guess what, you’re using a tiny little camera that lets you take pictures you couldn’t even *take* with a DSLR”. Thanks so much for your videos; they inspire me to go shoot, which is the most important thing.

demarestk says:

Hey Sean, very interesting idea to process your photos on your phone. Does the app read raw files from the card or do you shoot in jpeg in this case?

Agent Soshi says:

In my city, Perth (Australia), people only take you seriously if you have a DSLR. If you carry around a DSLR people will ask you to take photos for them with their phone/camera and there’s a higher chance of them asking you what you’re shooting or what your camera is, you also get other photographers approaching you. But most people have a good mood towards photographers, some people will pose if they’re in the area where you’re pointing your camera, almost everyone seems to move away if they think they’re between you and what you’re shooting.

NETVO TV says:

I want to learn manual shooting and the art of photography, thinking to get upcoming A7 III or a A6500 or a RX10 III but those are big camera and I don’t want a camera that is a burden and not interesting to carry everytime I go out, I want a camera that is joy to shoot, it make you really want to bring it out to shoot and you will forget the tool and focus on the scene, I found Fuji X100F, it’s a great camera that really interested me, before this I consider Leica M/Q as their cameras are more mechanical manual and not fly by wire lens, and I love Leica color, but cost is an issue so I pick X100F but then I wonder if I will need an interchangeable lens camera in coming future, should I just start with a small camera with manual lens instead like A6500/A7III + Zeiss Loxia 35mm f2? What do you think?

vipul prasad m says:

where is this secondhand store?

B says:

Nice info. Useful to me

krzysztofzkabat says:

So few pictures from Warsaw, my town, but anyway thank you!

Richard Foxhall says:

Really like your keenly efficient simple approach. Thanks for sharing this. I’m off to the store for one of those adapters for my i7+..bravo.

Ardis Pictures says:

Great Video. Keep up the great work.

Joe Falcony says:

Sean. I love your videos and learn quite a lot. Thank you. What messenger bag are you using with your x100 if you don’t mind my asking?

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