Testing Cheap Camera Products From Wish!

Testing cheap cameras from Wish.com!

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Waseem Vlog says:



Bruno Finetto says:

You don’t know how to use the lenses!

Exploring With Cam says:

The other one is meant to be close up shots

Wolf Center says:

This girl is living my dream, all I need is some Kevlar pants and I’ll be fine

Tanya Winkenwerder says:

the macro lens has to be SUPER close to something and it does work amazingly if you use it right, you did not use any of those right

DecadeofDecay says:

The smartphone lens need to be placed properly on the camera phone. You need to place correctly the lens on the camera before watching the screen. After placing the lens you can watch the screen to adjust. The wide angle is maybe a bad quality, but it’s obviously not correctly set on the phone. Finally if your autofocus is on, maybe it won’t work because of the lens, so you need to disable the autofocus.

Wild Geese Vlog says:

#ShelbyChurch, those lenses attach to the end of your existing lens, not directly to the camera


A bit of advice for you, next time you might want to learn how to use the products you’re reviewing.

Leonardo Belletti says:

those are extension lenses, you have to screw them on your actual lens.

Mukul Bj says:

You should have read how they work before this video. You were doing it wrong. Fish eye + macro=?????


flash you use has a mod on the flash it self vs the cheap flash with no mod ….so hard to say what is better…..also the lens you got was for a crop cam like the t5 t6 t7i and ur trying to put it on full frame so cant really test it out …..so overall this video was just a video to put on the channel to fill a day cuz the stuff was not used right way to really test it

quinnstabler says:

Wasn’t that iPhone lens for iPhone 6/7 not X????

AJ S says:

You screwed the macro on wrong. The one on top, you gotta unscrew and the macro is underneath that.

Joshua Kräftner says:

It’s a shame seeing such pretty cameras in the hands of these kind of people…

Raymond Stafferton says:

You don’t know what you are talking about.

Pratek Shakya says:

Those are seperate lenses. Marco is the small one. Are u stupid or something

Bruno Finetto says:

You should read manuals or watch some YT videos….

The Video Tour Guy says:

Your review is funny. It was a joke right?

GogoTech says:

The micro lens I have also one it works but bring a item close to it very close

Xorge Studioz says:

The macro lens have to be connected to wide angle to work, YOU HAVE TO TAKE PICTURE ABOUT 1-3 INCHES AWAY FROM CAMERA

Kannabis says:

Small tits

Mitchell Bodmann says:

The macro is a close up macro like you have to get very close to get that shot and it’s blury from a distance

gustavo blaauw says:


TheMHD says:

Omg fail….they screw onto existing lenses via the filter thread

Megan Danielle says:

A million SUBS! Go girl. YOU GO. So proud. These videos are awesome. I am LOVING the photography series. SO SO GOOD.

Soy -Yogui says:

No puede ser que no sepas como funcionan los lentes para teléfono, es algo tan sencillo de usar y no pudiste hacer eso bien?!

omega_pro298 says:

U stupid (just sayin)

Exploring With Cam says:

The problem is the macro is on another lense

Audie Pineda says:

I’m not sure if I could really trust your review in as much as you do not even know the basics on how to use these equipment. For your info, what you bought are lens attachments which are screwed in front of 58mm diameter lenses. As for the phone lens attachment, you have to remove the wide angle lens and use only the macro filter. For the flash, you should first learn the concept of GN of flashes. Check the GN of the flash you bought then adjust your aperture or distance to the subject accordingly to achieve a proper exposure.

Žilvinas Tokarevas says:

Well this is what happens when you shoot on a full frame pro grade camera and still have no idea what a cheap screw-on wide and tele converter is

DJ FILMS Entertainment says:

I was laughing my a** off when I saw this video and you was trying to mess with those Lens adapters.. thank God you are pretty…

Michael Willinger says:

Use your freaking common sense! Gosh -.- its pain to watch

AngelDrummer5950 says:

the lens screw onto different lens, like how you attach filters

dali Hkiri says:

She’s so damn mediocre .. stupid reviews and no idea on the usage of your products

Dave ItsOneProdigy says:

The title should be dumb blonde tries to use simple products

Senor Floofy says:

I have a clip on lense but I have a 5s I don’t have to deal with long duo camera

CD Bryant says:

Those are attachment that go a lens it’s size like a filter

Ricky Russo says:

For the one that was blurry you’re supposed to use it as macro

david thompson says:

This video has to be fake! She clearly used everyone of the products in correctly! ?

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