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Martin Harvey says:

Just purchased and am waiting for my Moment lens so took a look here. I might be biased however, surely thew upgrade should be free for Moment lens owners?

At first glance I don’t see anything substantially different than the usual suspects – Halide, Manual, Camera M. I use Lightroom as I am into the whole ecosystem and again I’d say it looks similar although the integrated editing and post-processing in LR Mobile is invaluable for me. I will test drive it more over the next while though.

One disappointment with the reviewers – the curse of mobile phones is low light combined with high ISO compensation resulting in digital NOISE. Setting ISO manually is a huge advantage of such apps.

Jorge López says:

I took a lot of pictures but it didn’t save then,

vhill vergara says:

does moment app allows me to capture 4k 60fps in raw (log) ?

Alex Wilson says:

hi guys! @alexdionwilson from insta! thanks for everything! you guys are legit so inspiring! i was wondering if y’all would ever consider adding a “file sharing” option thru usb-lightning into mac. filmic pro has it, and its super help for moment videographers since sharing 4k video thru air drop takes a while. thanks! lmk 🙂

Critique Truth says:

My Google Pixel doesn’t have manual controls like my previous phone HTC 10, OnePlus 5 & LG V20. I also miss additional features such as voice capture & smile capture(HTC) I will try Moment App.

Rohit Prasad says:

I have Android 8.1 so why isn’t it supported in my device??

eh Joe says:

I am just about to download this app for my Samsung, i am super amped to start shooting vids with it. Since your 368 challenge i have taken a real interest in Moment and excited to of found you guys. I have shot everyone one of my vids with a smartphone, most comments i get are very surprised to find that out. Moment is something i want to up my game with.

Xx-Rog_Knight-xX says:

I guess you could say it helps you capture the


Sarge Kowalkowski says:

My iPhone 7plus will not save any photo from this app – I want to use it as I just got the lenses and love the features – nothing saves! Any suggestions?? Other photo apps work but I love the manual aspects in here!!

Rajiv Menon says:

Does not support my Xiaomi Redmi 5 running android 7.1.2. What a load of crap.

jellybobo says:

still can’t not choose dual lens on note8

Matthew Eschbach says:

You guys would make way more money if you opened your lenses up to other Android mounting options. Just look at what devices are viewing your videos and I’m sure you’ll see it is not all iPhone, pixel, and Samsung devices. I’ve been following you guys since the beginning and it sucked that there was no way to mount on the great lg g4 camera, or any lg camera. Why?

Anas Hazard says:

Dont cut hair bro

Shaik Silar Saheb says:

I wanted this app , but my device works in marshmallow so, I can’t download it


can’t install it


When will there be video recording for android? Purchased the app and would like to use it for more than just photo taking

G8Thunder says:

So I’m confused… I hear everyone say “get a third party app” if I want to improve my mobile photography so I can manually adjust all my settings… but I can do that already with my galaxy S8’s native camera app.
I got the Moment app cause, well 1, I love Moment and 2, it’s cheap so why not, but other than it having a slightly nicer interface than the native app I don’t know that it’s any better than what I have, at least for photography. Let me know, because I feel like there’s something I’m just completely missing or maybe the S8s native camera app is just way better than apple?
Will there be any further control over my videos when that functionality comes to android users? I’d like to be able to adjust my frame rate which the native app only does when changing resolution.
I also wanted to try Moments app out to see if I would need or want Filmmic Pro. Again for photography, the Galaxy S8 already seems perfect.
Let me know if I’m just ignorant lol. Thanks guys! I still love the app regardless.

Edwin Jansen says:

done. how about voice command in the Moment app! awesome that would be , good luck!

Worship Guitar With Jury says:

When importing videos from the app to premiere pro it doesn’t playback


Downloaded and purchased pro, love you guys xo.

[SD]ViRuZ says:

good app but i feel like the standard camera app always is better, especially for flagship phones

Sean Mike says:

This app is TRASH!!!! I’m recording footage and good footage I can’t duplicate and when I get done recording and play it back the video footage is squished/warped and 3 minutes in and it’s glitching. It looked like we were robots like what the hell? This is the worst app in the store!!!! And I’m recording on an iPhone X smh I’m so upset I can never recreate that moment again.

crismi144 says:

downloaded 😉

yanlynn mg says:

Can u guys tell me the name of tht app pls

Sid Amameda says:

Does the moment camera app overrides or disables the native camera e.g. pixel 3 xl’s camera software and uses moment’s, or it improves or piggy backs on the native camera app/software?

Moment says:

Comment #MulletForCaleb when you download the app!

NUYorklady Leonardo says:

So there’s young men staying home watching these two get on with their industrial strength boring lives!

Giorgos Kritikos says:

Could you tell me the maximum shutter speed seconds for long exposure in the moment pro camera ?

Mohd Hazwan says:

What name the app

xoxloveandfashion says:

Can you connect the moment app to your zhiyun smooth 4?

Sayan Gupta says:

This app is available for india? I didn’t find the app in playstore

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