The Top 5 Apps for Photography

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In this episode, I show you my top 5 favorite apps for Photography some are free and they are ALL AMAZING:

The Apps are:

Lightroom Mobile
Sol: Sun Clock
Dark Sky

Click here to access the apps:

My Snapseed Tutorial:

Lightoom Mobile Tutorial:


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Kyl J. says:

Hi, I was looking for Snapseed on Mac but it doesn’t seem to be supported anymore – at least it’s not showing as available for download except on IOS, which I seldom use for photo editing. Am I mistaken in saying the Mac version seems to be discontinued?

FruitFlyHD says:

why so many dislikes already?

greg greg says:

SOL is not on android?? can t find it


I wish that Serge would slow down from 600Km down to 300Km. Serge moves too fast to keep up. Now, Photo Pills and Snap Seed, can they be used on a PC Windows 10 Version?

C G says:

Serge, you are probably one of 2 or 3 youtube channels that I actually learn something every time I watch. Thank you sir for your diligence in your craft and for inspiring a young photographer like myself! Cheers from North Carolina!

Jean-Pierre Jacques says:

I bought the Landscape Masterclass and I couldn’t recommend it enough. I’m just halfway through it and I can see I’ve improved a lot. Before buying this course I felt like I had plateaued, that I was not improving anymore. For the first time in months I got some pictures I’m really proud of, like this one :

Gaby Isphoto says:

I’m in Toronto and couldn’t find Dark Sky. found Dark Sky Finder which is re Light Pollution.

Gamer Boy says:

Which ND filter is best for long exposure

Jonas Wild says:

vous pouvez faire des sous-titres en francais svp , c’est vraiment dommage de rater des explications

Foo Richard says:

Hi serge
Can I know which tripod you use on your Sony a7 for long exposure?

Thank you very much
Richard Foo

Cornflake81 says:

Too bad I use Android.

Asif Asif says:

you have best app mubail photogarafi

namberak says:

Very happy to see Sol — that’s exactly what I needed. I’ve learned a lot from you Serge — keep the tutorials coming!

Armyteck2 says:

is there any wey i can get LR without getting the yearly thing?
i have bought LR 5 so i dont need the yearly thing
in the playstore is just the test version

tomato71985 says:

All right. How about Android equivalents? (except lightroom which is simply available for all platforms)

UFPhotography says:

Thanks for the great tips! Especially photo pill is amazing. I wanted to add something: Rizon is a very minimalistic app to determine when golden hour, sunset and so on happen. You can use it for your position or look for other places. Pretty cool app – maybe you wanna check it out 🙂

TheShootingRangeTV says:

thank you for this video

James Harris says:

This is not an app but has a ‘maps-in-motion’ feature that will allow you to see the positon of current clouds and weather but there is a “future” that shows where they are expected later on in the day. It’s also great for tracking storms in real-time, relative to your current position.

Jörn Seidenschnur says:

Interesting. Unfortunately, “Dark Sky” is not available in the German Apple Store. It´s only in the US Apple store. Odd. Any other good local wheather forecast App that shows clouds and rain and is good for the USA?

iArpeet C says:

Sir its 22nd october

Matros1 says:

is photopills just for apple ? couldnt find it for android

Bruce Aspley says:

Hi Serge, You mentioned that you have your photos in 85 galleries throughout the world. Do you mind telling me what the process is to have photos submitted to these gallaries?

Marc Cretten says:

Serge do you have a link to a list of lenses you are using for Landscape photography?

Lilli Laa says:


Love your work. Just wondering if you could do a tutorial on how to edit photos so they look more grey with a dark skin for instagram…like this

Brendan Holland says:

Great video Serge, Planit! for Photographers is an Android alternative to Photo Pills. Very useful tool and has a location search tool.

MaximP says:

10/22 is 22nd of October not November

Clinton Ferrara says:

In photopills save paris as a point of interest. you can load it anytime after that.

moinquin says:

lr for Android dont have local adjustment brush 🙁

Marco Introini says:

I found only Lightroom mobile (which I use on daily basis) and snapseed on play store… cannot find any other of your apps. If these were only for iOS it should have been mentioned (and useless for me anyway 😉 )

Qais Al Kindi says:

Dear Serge,
Can I suggest an application that only runs on Android. It’s called Photo Mate R3, and it looks exactly like Lightroom with all its functionality including presets and local adjustments. Give it a try.

Zendail says:

how about a list for android

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