Top 10 Free Photography Apps (iOS + Android)


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Photography apps are some of my favorite smartphone apps, so I’m always on the lookout for new ones. In this video, we go over a list of 10 different photography and photo editing apps that allow you to capture and edit awesome photos. Whether they’re just funny selfies or high quality landscapes, most of these should be pretty interesting. Also, almost all of these are available for both iOS / iPhone and Android, with only a couple exceptions. So everyone should be able to find some cool apps they can use here.




Zigafide says:

thiojoe is thicc

Francis Srečko Fabian says:

These are great. Shame there aren’t links though.

glenn kennedy says:

Nice coverage, I added all of the PS’s to my Note 8. How about covering camera apps next, you know, alternatives to the native camera software…..

The K.R says:

Hey Joe, this is The K.R, OK you used to upload many videos including increase R.A.M, Hard disk and grapichs card in which you type “sfc /scannow” in command prompt. But when I type it and hit enter it shows non of the options for optimization. Do you know why? Please send your answer in your next video. Its a .request

Carl CIFER says:

Do video editing apps

Treufuß says:

Huh? Did you change the thumbnail?

Nissan U. says:

Can you link them in the description from now?

Fatih Bilhaq says:

Gud job

joshx413 says:

It’d be nice if you’d link the apps in the description

Ryze тєαм lαмα says:


eurossocial says:

My three Favorite are:
+PIXLR is an online editor on the web, (Not the application). It is almost identical to photoshop, but very light. I haven’t tried the application yet.
By the Way Excellent Video once again!! well done. 🙂

ThioJoe says:

IRL character creation starts at 6:30

TheCraftingMaster says:

Please purchase the “comedy package” to view this comment

Fullmetaleos says:

Okay video editing apps next theo

Eugene Coetzer says:

What about Windows Phone?

Fubbick says:

Thumbnail level: Crouzon

Roy Herweijer says:

Snapseed is Really Top End. Plus short intro’s about the different possibilities.! Super!

Suthern Belle says:

PicsArt is an amazing photo editing tool I’ve used for years. It has many MANY more features than discussed, including an artist community where you can grab free to edit photos & follow your fave photogs. I use it to make custom invitations, business cards, posters, etc.

Dave Emery says:

Love Snapseed Thanks for pointing it out.

The Unfathomable Chicken says:

I can’t believe it’s not photoshop

Amolak Singh says:

Unsubscribed, sorry these videos are just boring now.

Also (note that I use android) not a huge a fan of how anti-Apple you seem to be. You’re iPhone X video seemed rather incomprehensible and you completely hated the phone before using it. I love my Note 8, but I understand why the iPhone X exists. There’s a channel called Tailosive Tech, he dislikes android but he acknowledges its benefits where they lie and actually argues his preference. You just give no reasoning and I’d rather watch someone else.

Sorry man, I’ll come back and check at some point if there’s been any change, lately the topics have been quite boring or presented in a way where I’d rather jus watch someone else. For now I’m unsubbing

Sahand Hamawi says:

Is the free ps plus working until now if i created 

Cgvv Vvbbn says:

Hey can u help me about this metal gear solid v issue

Edward Cameron says:

Surprised Polarr isn’t on this list… I think that’s one of the best and it’s the one I use.

Nathan Demecillo says:

so helpful Thio. thank you

PaperTronics says:

Do top 10 games or top 10 productivity apps. Love from Karachi, Pakistan, Asia, Earth,Solar System, Milky Way, Observable Universe.

Space Hippies, what did I miss? First one to reply gets nothing

Dame 3 says:

Guys help
How to fix windows explorer has stopped working….

Sam Aranta says:

Its totally amazing


Hey can can you check if you can still update your Xbox 360 into a Xbox One

Peter Weatherhead says:

This video is swell

MrSkittlez says:

Wow theo liking all the comments

Vedansh Chauhan says:

I love your name!

vinod kudaliya says:

Photoshop mix features is best.

NeoUmbreon says:

0:40 Snapseed
1:40 VSCO
2:40 Prisma
3:56 Photoshop Express
5:00 Photoshop Mix
6:06 Photoshop Fix
7:20 Pixlr
8:00 Focos
8:53 PicsArt
10:30 StoryBoard
10:58 Selfissimo
11:28 Scrubbies

Mark W says:

Thiojoe did you get Michael Jackson’s permission to use his image in the thumbnail?

ReyMen says:

Photo studio pro?

Pault says:

hot thumbnail

Gaweringo 5 says:

What about Plarr

Scott Kwon says:

I don’t know whether I should trust this guy on anything after the free PlayStation video

Gamer Kid says:

Do you still make troll videos

Jayden says:

plez make more fake vids you can eaven put this [FAKE] on every fake vid plez do more fake vids and your dume coments

Isum says:

Fu yu no Pixellab??

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