Top 4 Smartphone Photography Apps

You do not need an Adobe subscription to operate the Lightroom app, but having one will unlock the image sync through Adobe and a few niche functions like the healing brush.

The symbol at 0:20 should be a “greater than” symbol, NOT a “less than” symbol. The point I was trying to illustrate was that smartphones are advantageous over DSLRs in certain regards, such as size.

Smartphone photography is becoming increasingly relevant in this day and age, so I thought I would make a video about it. To start off this series, I unveilved what are in my opinion, the four best smartphone photography apps currently on the market. Also, I plan on creating a second channel for landscape photography, and I will reveal more details in my next video. If you have any other apps you would like to recommend, make sure to comment them below, and of course rate the video and feel free to share this with other smartphone photographers you know! Thanks for watching, everyone, and thank you for the continued support of my channel. I will continue to work hard to bring you the highest quality tutorial content on YouTube.

Animation: Vincent Ledvina
Vector Design: Vincent Ledvina & illustrations
Voiceover: Vincent Ledvina
Sound Effects: Created by myself and sourced online
Music: If I Could Fly – (unknown)
Images/Video: Taken by myself of my college campus…

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Tyler Winchester says:

The less than sign does not coincide with the message at that exact time in the video.

Yash Sonkiya says:

Thanks ♥️

Adarsh Ajay says:

Very informative. Waiting for the next channel ☺️

Satyadev Hirani says:

Very nice. Thank u.


man those are truly some great apps for smart phone photography
always love your insight! thanks for sharing this great content with us!
loved watching this!

Jose Benjamin Vargas Terrero says:

great video, Treblinka to the apps would be nice, I know it would seems like they pay you and we can look them up ourself, still would be nice to try them directly from here

Martin Doe says:

Nice job

Amaretto says:

The first two apps are a must the other two I say(no), there are better ones out there. Plus the ProShot app has a 3.4 rating and most of it is full of negative comments. These are just my thoughts. For the pro shot option, you can use the Moment app.

Sillas Belmont says:

Hi Vincent, as always a lovely video, do you mind telling us which software you use to create these gorgeous animations? I have to say that they’re extremely professional.

Subwoofer811 says:

You can also shoot full manual and RAW in Lightroom App, which is quiet convenient.

Jev Brill says:

It’s not the best apps, it just your personal choice, lots of misleading info…

Akash Damor says:

superb job

Smit Pathak says:

man you did the great job. I have learned so much from you videos and your videos inspire me to do new photography experiments. keep making them! it doesn’t matyer if you make one or two mistakes in this lot of work! Happy to be your subscriber.

Harrypm says:

Its great and all this video was made but as a semi-pro photographer who uses a phone for digital work you should have mentioned Apps like Filmic Pro and Pro cam 6… and you don’t need an adobe subscription to use adobes mobile app you only need it for sync and healing you just gave miss information there you should also have focused on the RAW format (.DNG) more since that’s the most valuable thing you have on any camera.

Mydroid Market says:

Toolwiz is also good

Matt Ledvina says:

Very helpful video. Keep it coming…….

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