Top 5 Best FREE Photo Editing Software (2018)

If you’re looking for an amazing free photo editor and you don’t want to purchase expensive software like Photoshop, you have many choices. Today, I will show you the Top 5 photo editing software that you can use for free on your computer. Each of these programs can perform the basic tasks of enhancing your photos to make them look amazing and some of these include advanced features similar to Photoshop that should satisfy your image creating and editing needs.

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Free Software (Playlist)
GIMP (Beginners Guide)

0:32 Fun and easy photo editing software.
1:40 Free photo editor from Adobe.
2:15 Digital painting program made by artists.
3:06 Server-based image editing tools.
4:19 Created as an alternative to Microsoft Paint.
5:08 The best free image and photo editor.

PhotoScape X (Windows 10, Mac)
PhotoScape 3.7 (Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8)
Adobe Photoshop Express

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Gimp?!? Gimp is terrible!

Keeisna Bk says:

thank you

Shubho Salateen says:

upload photos free

Phøenix FøxTail says:

I can’t afford photoshop and I’m planning to do photography at school next year. Funnily enough, I already have Krita from when I was into digital drawing.

Fab RuhLous says:

why isnt Affinity on there? thats a good one too!

Carlos Sevcik says:

You are sadly overlooking Darktable have a look at it is a free and absolutely amazing picture editor.

Wolfier PD says:

really,there ment to be “FREE” photo editors but krita is $50

appolospbvxr says: is great as used it for years but its not MAC compatible

Richard Gore says:

Here is the another awesome software for photos editing – photoviewerpro

Red Shutter Photography says:

Would love to try download photoscape x but it is refusing to so sod it, shame as photoscape is a very good bit of kit.

Jhonas Elluranggo says:

So helpful vid thanks…

Island Aerial says:

You know… I was quite happy with the last version of Picassa. WTF was it terminated? Anyone???
Years ago I actually purchased a GIMP CD. I was overwhelmed by all the features…

First Officer Aditya says:

Thanks man, it helped me a lot!!!!!!

Zaine Ridling says:

Check out Polarr Editor online! Runs on Linux & ChromeOS, too.

Md Saiful islam Saine says:

can i use it win 7?

32 bit link says:

why am I watching this I have photoshop cs6

Ron says:

Check out IrfanView. It allows you to read/save almost every type of image and sound ever created! Incl. animated .gif.

Crystallized _ says:

i wanted to use pixlr but thats the old ver and i used the old ver alot but now i cant

killmoo says:

GIMP 2:10

Kyree Myers says:


IrAqe GaMs33 says:

ohh. man thank u may 2 moanth i locking for video

Zineb Reg says:

thank you ^^

Metrola Basit says:

thank bro


Thanks for the Video. It’s Awesome!

Dima Chirin says:

thank you

Shy Nellie says:

Dang, this video was very informative. Keep up the good work! Also, I was wondering if you do reviews and videos with different types of editing apps? New, unpopular, old and overlooked ones? I’m actually using both Lightroom and MIKU Limited right now. There are already tons of videos with Lightroom but so far, I can’t find one for Miku. Could you possibly make one for users like me? Thanks so much! Btw, it may prove difficult for others to find it so here’s the link to the app:

Macsloy Gaming says:

thank you for this video. I had no clue how to work an actual photoshop on laptop. And this helped massive!

Lacko Molnár says:

For Android Snapseed is the best.

Alex Cole says:

U helped me a lot

Dottie Young says:


Ryo Onizuka says:

So can GIMP actually cut out shapes in difficult places on an image and then paste into another? Can it even put objects in the hands of the figure in the photo as well?

Kağıttan Dünya says:

Just relax and download cracked adobe cs6

Sonia A.R.M.Y says:

Thank you so much. It really helped me!!

Adreas Bravos says:

Nice video.

Skiddos Siren says:

GIMP is not the best! It cannot read my Samsung’s photo!

Rj Padbatan says:

Hi….how does Raw Therapee compares to these five photo editors?

davis2022 says:

I’ve had some templates made for a weekly event I run. The templates are being done in Photoshop. Is there a program available I’d be able to use to insert a performer image and modify the text at a later date? For instance: PS doesn’t export to Gimp, but is there anything that can load a PS file? Or something that can translate a file for Gimp without rasterizing the text?

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