Unlock Your iPhone’s Hidden Camera Potential

iPhones have great cameras right out of the box but there are times when the default camera app can be a bit limiting. Not anymore.
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1 – Awesome pocket tripod – http://geni.us/mcIKV
2 – Live stream camera kit – http://geni.us/s4BXBX
3 – Pocket photo printer – http://geni.us/4f2B

Apps Mentioned:
– Halide (RAW)
– Focus (Portrait Patch)
– Cortex Cam (Low Light)
– Hydra (Zoom)
– Darkroom (RAW Editing)
– Slør (Depth Effects)
– Anamorphic (Depth Effects)
– Slow Shutter (Slow Shutter)
– Camera-M (Manual)
– ProCam (Manual)


– Swinging Sticks Sculpture: http://geni.us/Z38q
– Levitating Moon: http://geni.us/F1AS2
– Digital Art Screens: http://geni.us/Wnme


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aceraf158 says:

I’ve tried several of these apps and was rather disappointed with the results. I tried the halide in raw mode for low light and after trying their Joel as well as raw I took a comparison with the stock camera app and the picture was both brighter and had less noise.
As others have mentioned, I thought you were going to be giving some sort of secret insight into the stock app that we didn’t know about but instead just listed off apps that do what the stock app can do if you invest the time.
Yes the apps that edit the pics will give results but most people would be surprised how much they can improve their pics using the edit functions on the stock app.
When it comes to 3rd party apps Snapseed is my go to app for editing.

k.r.s. says:

Great tips! Did I miss the app list in the description box? Rewatching…

Victor Flores says:

What do you think about the Moment camera app?

Raj says:

You are so good at editing!! You should have way more subs!! I liked and subscribed for this awesome content!

OmerM92 says:

What is that premier thing everyone is talking about? What am I missing?

Adam Smith says:

Halide let’s you shoot manually as well

Lukas Leboss says:

My favorite is Obscura ❤️

Nakia Johnson says:

Why you don’t have the moment app on the list

Deltavlokkies says:

Can we please stop with this premiere thingy? it’s getting annoying

burim alimi says:

Great videos Chris perfect timing with my knew found hobby in smart phone photography

Gab says:

Or you could just use vsco.

Joejoe says:

Great video! Do you have the link for the wallpaper at 00:28? Really like it.

HeyItsWM says:

Are there any free alternatives to these apps?

tipoomaster says:

I hope Apple builds that hand shake based sharpening feature into the built in camera! The Pixel 3 is using the same idea for the super resolution thing.

Django Groen says:

can you make a android version on this video?

DragonTechRoyale4k says:

1:26 so you’re watching Vyyyper

Eiren Diaz says:

116 boyyyy!

Cypher99 says:

Don’t put premieres for 2 Flippin days. All you’re doing is making people NOT want to watch the video. You can put a premiere for max 8 hours if you’re trying to build hype for a video. Otherwise it just is annoying

Jason Randall says:

Thanks Chris those are some awesome apps!!!!

Batman 4 Life says:

Wow. Thanks!

hurforddj says:

As usual informative and great to watch.

Luke’s View says:

Nice video!

dawson ramdass says:

1 view
25 dislikes

Utkarsh Aryan says:

Great video.
Those apps are really helpful.

Donelle Page says:

What case is that

Wayne Michaels says:

What case is this in the thumbnail?

ninjandy says:

That 116 poster won me as a subscriber :)))

Fiz in Japan says:

Prior to watching, I felt that this vid would lead me to learn about the iPhone cam’s native already onboard secrets that i could tap into (as in, my not having to download yet another app to yet again fumble around with).

Would have felt more, well, honestly pleased if stated “apps” that can make your iPhone cam unlock its full potential. Good job on the video though.

The Sad Traveler says:

Could you do a video on excellent videography applications? I am going to be switching to mobile videography and would like to know the best options.

Lukas T says:

so that means you have to take the photo in the apps mentioned and cant just edit them in these apps after you took it with the default camera app?!

Agiver Reviga says:

Wasn’t this video planned for today actually?
And, I like your channel, but this premiere thing is annoying. As you can see, nobody likes it.

Joe Wolinski says:

Great video!!! Thanks for all the great content. And I don’t mind the Premier thing. Actually like looking forward to one of my favorite YouTube content creators. Keep it up!!!

Pokeandhan says:

Could u have mentioned that literally all the apps cost money??? Only one didn’t…

Unofficial Production says:

Apple needs to buy Hydra in order to beat Google pixel camera

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