Vero Social Media App Review for Photographers

It’s been a long time since a new and interesting platform for sharing photos online came along. Vero looks pretty awesome for photography, offering:
– Full-screen viewing of photos on a dark background. Colors really pop! And you can rotate image, so you can view landscape images as they were meant to be seen.
– A beautiful way to share images on Facebook and Twitter. Your image gets this elegant blurred frame that makes your photo stand out on other social platforms. Be sure to watch for that segment in my video review, as a lot of people have been asking me how to use this feature.
– Content-oriented. Every post must be tied to some kind of media: pictures, videos, music, movies, etc. I believe that will help minimize trolling, politics, humble bragging, and photos of someone else’s dinner. So far, the posts seem much more relevant and positive. A nice breath of fresh air on a sometimes noisy internet.
– No advertising. Be sure to sign up as soon as possible, as they are promising free lifetime access for the first one million users.
– No “algorithm”. Posts are displayed in chronological order without filtering, which is one of the big complaints around confusing feeds and lost images on other platforms.


Steve Bennett says:

Now they’ve more or less sorted the server overload issues it’s a very promising application for what I want. My only real moan is sometimes my feed is overloaded with ‘introductions’.

James Aston says:

Well Done for bringing this app to us all!

Joesph Isles says:

Thanks Greg looks like a great app looking forward to using it.

Patrick Schmitz says:

Created a Vero account a while back but haven’t done too much with it yet. It looks promising but I think we will have to see if it gains enough traction and relevance to survive.

Wes Chilton says:

A sketchy app from a VERY sketchy company fueled by ill-gotten money… nope.

Breecim R says:

I download it on my iPhone but I can’t find it on iPad

Paul Stebelton says:

I appreciate your mini tutorial to get me up and going on Vero. I’m adding photos right away. Again thanks.

John christopher says:

peter mckinnon said its not so good so im out. bye 🙂

tim scanlan says:

Hi Greg. I registered after watching your vlog and am now one of Vero’s free users for life! . Really impressed with the app and have uploaded a few images and started following your feed. Really easy to use and the images look great. Thanks for sharing this.

Jens Vielmann says:

Looks nice. Way better than instagram. But: if I were to switch Plattform it would need to have an easy option to upload from pc… or even better has a Lightroom plug-in to post.

Mike Heller says:

I tried it but have since deleted it. To say it’s buggy would be giving it praise, it’s borderline unusable. Second, there just isn’t many people on it. I know it’s early and it’s growing in popularity but for the effort of posting on yet another social media platform, the return just isn’t there.
If you are worried about missing out on the free-for-life offer just create an account (if you can given the bugs) and sit on it. Lastly, I would read their terms carefully especially surrounding the use of content you share. I’m not comfortable with the wording and suggest you decide for yourself.

Vernon Nash says:

I does look interesting

Gina Bromá says:

But tons of hashtags and the same „influencer“ which are spamming. Real content? Hard to find. Vero came, saw – and failed. Why? Because of the users. Vero should allow only three hashtags and everything could be fine.

Roz Humphreys says:

Thanks Greg, I had the App on my iPad but did not seem to work in Landscape mode. Possibly I missed something but think I saw other comments saying the same thing. This is the same for Instagram I think. Hope they fix that soon.

Musing Eye says:

Also if you’ve ever run afoul of IG’s algorithms that auto-ban what it thinks is nudity then you’ll be glad to hear that Vero content can include artistic nudity.

Musing Eye says:

I like the idea of being able to post a photo for critique to a small group of “close friends”, separate from the general content you put out to the entire world.

Ryan Luna says:

The app does not have a dark theme. It averages the color/luminosity of every image and makes that the background for each individual image.

LeChucksBeard says:

Anything that is entirely cell phone based is a non starter for me in terms of photography. Cell phone size is a poor way to appreciate most photos. I have no idea is this is a great social media platform, as I’m not into that, but it’s just one more thing that isn’t for photographers at all.

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