VSCO + Afterlight | Simple Editing Tutorial

Full Editing Article here 👉 https://momnt.io/4EditingTipsYT

One of Moment’s newest employees Natalie Allen shares her editing wisdom as she walks you through her mobile editing process using VSCO and Afterlight.

We filmed this video after the last How-To style video received a lot of positive feedback so we figured, let’s do 1 more. You can check out the FULL WRITTEN ARTICLE all about editing here 👇


I hope you enjoy and learn something!

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Meh Vlogs says:


Thomas Knipe says:

Tungsten lmao

Alana Gonzales says:

is there any app i could use to filter videos besides vsco x ?

Nicholai says:


Timothy Duston says:

I use polarr

Lyync says:

I want to be a part of moment so bad

Andreea Faur says:

Loved this video!

Mobile Pixel says:

What I’d like to know is how they put the screen capture of the iPhone together with the other footage in the same video.

Brandon says:

You guys should consider making a photo effects apps.

Beer, Bar & Beyond says:

Why don’t you “favourite” your most used presets so you don’t have to scroll through so many presets.

s.0nam says:

All I heard was “I’m from the desert.”

Luigi Tuazon says:

Snapseed is better than both of these combined.

Scarlet Red says:

Afterlight on Android was abandoned no updates since 2014 we have no fusion or anything new the dev ignores an inquiry into anything we ask. So I would not recommend the app and wish Google wouldn’t allow developers to have abandoned apps. Guess money only matters not customers.

Vedesh says:

Snapseed FTW!

Lauren Shirley says:

I love videos with Natalie!

Joshua Ellis says:

Do you have any video editing mobile suggestions? I use my computer for any lengthy video but looking for something so I can edit on the go for 2-3 min clips.

Tuffale Yasir Mohamed says:

Is there any app that shoots raw images for android?

N Anthiny says:

Can I ask to what brightness do you set your screen when doing the edits on your mobile ?

Fakhrial Anas says:

Wow Nice apps. Very simple apps for editing.

Michele Pappagallo says:

Too much post-production..

David Spencer says:

Snapseed does all of the above and more in one app.

singlaire says:

Snapseed + lightroom!!

Peach In Beach says:

I use both apps, they’re amazing I loved it

Alaa Sami says:

I prefer Snapseed

Nakia Johnson says:

Love this tutorial

Bob Calderon says:

KP9 is Kodak Portra 100T, while the Kodak Portra 160 is KP1.

Tj Nj says:

Snapseed the best photo app!

Neni Fig says:

Please in spanish!!!!

Mark Nicko says:



Lightroom CC Mobile The best!!

Mohamed El wali says:

Uu can test snapseed is perfect one

Sreehari Bijikumar says:

Guys no one can ever beat Google’s Snapseed!

Benjimen Barker photography says:

How would i get info on how i could become a photographer for momment?

Who this says:

Editing is really fun! I can’t understand how my classmates don’t feel it but likes their picture edit done, and yup… by me.

Damien Leggatt says:

Both these apps cost money and honestly I don’t think they are that good.
If you truly want a good app to edit your photos download snapseed…. so much better than these two and free!

The Hantus says:

Vsco is so expensive in my country about 100 dollars/year

aisyah azri says:

Lr , VSCO , Huji , Snapseed , Afterlight, Pixlr

Jorge Acevedo says:

Can you do a video for beginners on moment?

Adrian Monjes says:

Great tutorial. Thank you for sharing! +1 for a tutorial on Snapseed!

videotryouts1 says:

So nice to see Natalie using the app. Great review!

Jayden vasquez says:

Follow my VSCO: jaydennvasquez

David Tonsing says:

Is it better to edit raw or jpeg photos on vsco

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