Why Affinity Photo is BETTER than Photoshop!

Are you wondering if Affinity Photo is worth the switch? Yes it is! In the battle of Affinity Photo vs. Photoshop, it looks like Affinity Photo is coming out on top. Affinity Photo is the best Photoshop replacement on the market.


Daniel27D says:


Affinity Revolution says:

To clear up some confusion, I do NOT work for Serif (the company that makes Affinity Photo). I just really like the program. 🙂

SpexPC says:

This is like Windows movie maker

MikeTheHuman says:

I really doubt that you not sponsored

Pilar Bejarano says:

Does Affinity work on videos

kxshima says:


Meowthful 127 says:

Affinity is like Photoshop.. but a little better

Bayta™ says:

No, thanks.

bonbon_ plays16 says:

1 Reason why you like Affinity Photo, because you just don’t know how to use Photoshop proffesionally.

Red The Fox Jamaa says:

I just saw Affinity’s ad and, I need to download this NOW!!
Edit: Never mind. This is just horrible. I have to buy this? I thought it said “Not subscription based!” That is just bad. I take what I said back, “I just saw Affinity’s ad and, I need to download this NOW!!”

KalodexD says:

Paint.net is pretty easy and works best for me 🙂

Frost97 says:

dude! *Do you SMOKE?*
I can’t stand your voice!

Frost97 says:

i don’t care about the price of Cs6.
*I downloaded it for FREE*

Akal The Cat says:

Oh no, you have to press an extra button!? It’s so painful right?

Mike Njuki says:

Why do you sound like Sheldon Cooper?

Sevy says:

Your voice is terrible

尉beepDZN says:

Who still pays for programs though

BlitZen says:

fk dis man photoshop all the way

Caleb Hawn says:

Looking at the website, I already like this. It’s WAAAAAYYYY cheaper than Photoshop. I hate Adobe’s pricing. Their software is way too expensive! As far as paid proprietary software goes, this is way better. I’d still prefer a free and open source alternative though, for multiple reasons.

Sami says:

just pirate the thing come on its not that hard

Rayyan1232eecmrddfff says:

Photoshop is better

Eric Ochoa says:

Pro tip, dont trust a channel that has bad graphics promoting something for creators

gimmebean says:

just hack it…

Triumph Ace says:


sravan teja says:

It is something like comparing a bicycle and harley davidson bikes and saying that bicycle doesn’t cost any feul.really?what about the speed???you don’t wanna talk about the main thing and just saying about some stickers and logos.nerd

_Temmie_ says:

How much is this program?

DCgamer says:

Still sticking with photoshop XD

UtdMan4eva says:

I don’t think you’re qualified enough to make such statement and you can get you’re self in trouble for misleading people because of the title of the video. You need to change the title of this video and only then we can have argument and discuss the difference between two applications. Your video title sounds more as a statement rather then suggestion. As a friendly advice I would suggest you change the title to your own opinion rather then being a claim. I simply don’t care what you think because I know the reasons why Adobe is expensive any why is Photoshop the most powerful editing software available to the public. They (Adobe) can nail you down any time if they wanted to. You are playing with fire 😉

F!RESKY says:

Nah, photoshop is better.

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