BuyPartisan App Review- Politics of Shopping | EpicReviewGuys in 4k

Would you still buy from a company if you knew they gave lots of money to Democrats/Republicans? With the “BuyPartisan” app- you can now easily find out the political leaning of companies that make the products in your house. Most companies give to both parties- covering all the bases. But you might be surprised what you can learn using the BuyPartisan app about some common products like Splenda- and the parent company that makes almost all their political contributions to one party.

Recorded in Ultra HD 4k.

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SoTweetie says:

Very cool, can’t wait to get the Android version!

Brooklyn Hudson says:

I love this! Good to be aware of where your money is going and what it supports. 

Camps2630 says:

Only funding I’ll be doing is buying food for my stomach 🙂

SilverSprint says:

Dude this doesn’t matter

Dave Hodges says:

I like the idea of you doing app reviews. if this one was on Android I’d give it a shot even though I live in Canada. keep up the great work!!!

LukeTube says:

Can you download it on the ipad

ThatOneGuy says:

Are you a Democrat, or a Republican?

Daniel Stevanoski says:

what i would like to know is, how much of the people’s 401k money go to tobacco, guns, casinos.

Co⊙zeB○Yz says:

U don’t need an app to figure out that the larger companies would be obviously affiliated with the Republican party. There part of the 1% elitists. But, you’re foolish to think the democrats don’t have the same agenda. What a stupid app!

photolabguy says:

When trying to download it to my iPhone 5s, the app store says its no longer available.

hardhatzues 36 says:


ComPrt3 says:

I don’t think it makes a difference any more. They are all corrupt. 

photolabguy says:

A liberal in Texas. How odd. 😉

jose robles says:

Whats the diffrence of democrat and republican

Loom Bands says:

What’s a democrat

Michael Albrecht says:

Why does this matter?

chemlover85 says:

Awesome Review…Can’t wait till it comes out on Android!

Kenya Pollestad says:

Can we ever see your wife on a video

Erdie5 says:

Political parties have become football teams.  Pretty sad…

DIYLifeForever says:

What’s a democrat and republican

Marcus Joe says:

It’s tragic that an app like this is necessary. “Top 20 Republican companies, top 20 Democrat copies if you want to support your cause.”

Stop and think about that for a second. It’s lunacy!

jAdamariE says:

Review on make your case plz

Rachel Lyon says:

Hmm shame I’m not American , this would be really useful as interesting 🙂 I have my first video up at last . Doing the UK version of the ice bucket challenge ! Damn cold 🙂 ha

TypicalChloe _ says:

Do your kids have Their own YouTube channel?

David Thomas says:

too many other things in life to worry about…blah

SuperBigDog2U says:

Man, this is hilarious…now you can’t even buy your Cheerios without being torn by what party is being supported by your oats..oh man.

Jas Thind says:

I oddly want that coca powder for brownies!

jjheats beats says:

I’m 6 comment

plum413 says:

Why… who cares.. give me an app to find a good price.. u want to get famous? make lucky charms sugar free for that it I can consume post workout.. get your brother on your channel or is he a having problems.. thumps up liked video

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