I Bought 5 Knockoff Tech Products From Wish

So we’ve bought a fair few things from the website Wish in the past, but we’ve never ventured into the gadget tab… I kept seeing ads for suspiciously cheap electronics, so I decided to buy 5 of them and test them out with another questionable Wish haul!

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Safiya Nygaard says:

HAPPY 2018 Y’ALL! happy new year! i don’t know why i did this, but i did. can’t wait for another great year with all of y’all! xo, Saf

GoodGaming TimesWithConnor says:

That watch is not a fake iwatch it is disigned to be cheap

Subpar Youtube Account says:

Any small/new Youtubers wanna support each other?

Eric Navarro says:

Voici un code promo pour l’application mobile wish qui donne jusqu’à -50% sur votre premiere commande. De tres bonnes affaires sont au rendez vous !
Code : kgyqfmw

Staruly Butterfly says:

Shmash that like button!

carol zebra says:

She can ‘fuse’ the drone and the 4k camera so the things she bought won’t go to waste.

Hiitsmehannabaker says:

Why do they have such long ass titles for the item? Just put “a fake go pro”

paul davison says:

Gear best?

PedoSquad says:

Wtf .this is not apple watch

Ben Gibb says:

Wish…a hackers dream millions of unsuspecting citizens plugging their cheap purchased items into their laptops or phones…


Omfg Apple knockoffed the smart watch

max ride says:

Buy wedding dresses off of wish or amazon!


I thought your second name was nigger

blue gravity says:

I went to geek because 50% of the stuff I ordered from wish didn’t show up so I had to wait then file for a refund. The watch you pointed out I have the battery goes bad fast with no replacements. + be aware if you have to download an app to make the product work it will ask for full permission to access your phone. I MEAN TOTAL CONTROL.

Alex Bodor says:


Michael Clark says:

someone else in the 9K plus comments probably has already said this, but I think the drone would make a good training drone. Get two or three of those, learn to fly them and crash and burn them to death. When you feel like you have the skills, then move up to the more expensive drones.


Nice “pedo”meter app, would be great for alot of old men.

911shotJFK says:

Judging by this chick’s arm hair her pussy must look like that soft side of Velcro.

steven Dela Mora says:

50% off with this code lqpmgbq

Player one Up says:

It sounds like Pokémon

Charlie says:

You should do a video of showing what you could get for your wedding from wish , (with a price range) , have like a fake little wedding

jungshook says:

14:09 “I don’t know about 4K…but it was okay.” xD

Triggered LazerTazer says:

The watch is not a knock off there are many different smart watches in the world so you’re wrong

SarahPlayzz says:

Why brother got that watch and it broke a week later

Jacob Salinas says:

Fuck Wish I Ordered Some Shit And Its Been 2 Months Now Fuck That Shit And They Scam You They Never Gave Me My Fucking Money Its A Gay Ass App!!!!

Che Tra says:

Doesn’t look like apple watch, it’s look like Samsung galaxy gear

blue gravity says:

Welcome to Chinese products

old cheese says:

Oof. Yes yes the smart watch. I have one. Got it for Christmas a few years back. I don’t love it to say the least. I could text from it, but honestly, the keyboard is so tiny that it takes about ten minutes to type a word

Alexandru Vasiliu says:

Syma x8c is a good drone.

Soon says:

What if you fixe a gopro to the drone?

Rebecca Costa says:

Okay, that step tracker on there at 7:25 is called the Pedometer….

Hi People says:

I like the rap part

SimsForever says:

The smart watch is actaully a rip off of Samsung gear 2. From 2013

Rene Venturini says:


Weón Qliao says:

i love yo legs

Ekman says:

The 4k camera is actually pretty decent, didnt know u could buy it on wish tho… payed the dubble price for mine

sylinter says:

That not knokcoff

Sergeant Bean says:

I always have a wish ad and it reminds me of you

carol zebra says:

Woah isn’t that the drone in big bang theory?
They look very similar

S Razz says:

Lier company dnt sopning any body

Hell Yeah says:

That watch knockoff is on Amazon for 5 bucks. u got ripped off

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