Well hello there fab people. I hope you are doing well. honestly right now I’m actually annoyed. Let me know what you think!
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Shoes –
Bag –

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Beautiful Butterfly says:

I’ve used wish app loads and most stuff that I got was good

X_madd13_X says:

Just subscribed 🙂

Samantha Blake says:

OMG the grey dress, i was crying laughing with you!

Dachielle Parker says:

This app makes $1 with every click, $100 with every 100 clicks and $1000 with every 1000 clicks

ellen schaffer-yaw says:

I’ve bought 2 sweatshirts from wish and both have been amazing quality. It seems like it’s hit or miss.

sonia rodriguez says:

you are adorable

DragonFlow Fitness says:

There is some good stuff on wish. But you have to read the reviews and look for yourself like she said.

Heather K. says:

Watch The True Cost on Netflix. I couldn’t in good conscience by cheap materials/fast fashion again knowing I’m hurting people. Inform yourselves on where this is coming from and who is making it, and who you’re literally poisoning.

Calico Cat says:

That romper would work as a beach cover up

Kaili Lewis says:

Do everything £5

Lucy Stowbridge says:

Her laugh tho

Denrinko says:

With sites like Wish you just need to remember that you get what you pay for.

Mia Battaglia says:

i love your energy and honesty hahahahah

Erykah P says:

Try AliExpress…..They have free shipping & SAME products as Wish….Inconsistencies in quality are the same.

*B E G O N E* *GOOGLE* says:

Your mesh top arrives tomorrow. Thanks for shoapihng

WhinnyTheHorse says:

Don’t buy clothes from WISH but buy things like stationary and accessories for sure!

Patrycja Czaplicka says:

Thumbs if she should do a room tour so she can see ❤️❤️

mia mia says:


thank me later 🙂

palich07ify says:


Suzuno Koi says:

First time ever for me to watch your videos. I like your reactions. The things I always like to do it check for descriptions of each item I look at (available colors, sizes, what the products are designed for, the material used to make the products) which will inform shoppers that the monitors used to take photos of the items won’t quit be what they look like, so it’s a fair warning, and I also look at shipping and estimated delivery dates, along with reviews. I like the bargains, and don’t mind the sewing for the items too much. The problem with shopping for clothing and shoe at comparing sizing charts if they’re available to whatever country and continent your normal clothes are in. Any other issues may be that there aren’t instructions on how to use some items. Overall, I still do like the app.

kuceli mshelia says:

I literally cried while laughing while you were laughing about the gray dress..

Verdell Shannon-Murray says:

I definitely enjoyed this one. This was my first viewing of your channel and you caught me off guard. I certainly did not expect the comedy aspect. You have a new fan.

Marijke M. says:

I like ali express over wish because I have the feeling that the shipping costs are often free or very little. Just a tip when you are used to Wish and never tried Ali Express. They sell the same stuff, but I feel like ali express is more customer friendly. That is derived from my personal experience of course.

Sarah Green says:

Wish is like eBay, a heap of stores selling stuff, that’s why u could c the same dress at different prices, some stores r bad, but some r good and u can get some good stuff, check the reviews and pictures carefully, and happy shopping.

Kenia Cordero says:

I was on wish and got somthing a few months ago and I’m still waiting for my product (fighet spinner lol)and I’m still waiting went its probably not coming yeah:/

Laura Stange says:

You’ve just saved me from spending loads of money haha

Kelly. Grizzly says:

i have ordered more expensive shit from wish but if i don’t like it i will ask for a refund simple

Patato patato says:

Lmao at 0:25 – 0:29 i got a flashback of nikki seacrest xD “girl goes phyco during makeup tutorial” lel …

Kill me..

The Machine says:

Ahhhh! Patricia Bright. I am so glad that you mentioned the shipping. I’d neva heard of that site. So happy that you reviewed it. I have to go practice shooting 3 pointers backwards now. You are amazing btw.

sophie 11564 says:

i watched the whole ad cause this is creazy expensive

Johanne Kommedal says:

when you laught of the grey dress it sound like you where crying inside 😀 hahahaha

hahawhybother says:

The white top at 18.30 isn’t symmetrical and it broke my heart.

Adriana -adyy says:

So biutiful

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