Romwe try-on haul! Is Romwe a scam? The super low prices and seemingly endless pages of items always seemed really sketchy to me. At the end of this haul video I decide if Romwe is a total scam or if it is legit. A bunch of you requested this video and I hope you give it a thumbs up if you like it. Don’t forget to subscribe and come back next week for a new video! Love you guys xo

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Fall Fashion Haul + Try-On – Ft. ALL THE SHOES!
NOTHING OVER $10 TAG // CHATTY GRWM | leighannsays

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sonia rodriguez says:

for how cheap it is, it seems worth it thanks for your review gurl

nada beltagui says:

How many likes did she say in that intro though?

Joyce Eleanor says:

If you want cheap clothes just go to Primark. There you’re not scammed

Tumblr Gurl says:

Take a shot every time she says like

valarie wicksss says:

How much is shipping for Canada?

moon - kaek says:

So it’s basically a game of chance. I don’t take chances with my money.

Maddie Hanley says:

how tall are you?

Twilight Bright says:

I’ve seen so many cute tops on romwe, should I order from there?

alyssamarie163 says:

Well I just ordered a bunch of stuff from romwe about a week ago. I Hope it’s fine

Just Jas says:

I ordered from there a couple of years ago and I was really happy with what I received, the sizing on some shorts that I got were very small but that’s the only thing I found that wasn’t so great✨

Violet Cherries says:

there’s a Romwe ad right next to this video…

Hannah L says:

thank you so much. this is my first time on your channel and it was really helpful. give me a shout out please @hannahlyles

A&B says:

flart = flat bart simpson

ASMR ZealousZelah says:

You may as well shop at wish some clothes are really good and even cheaper

Jordan says:

this romwe ad is on every single video

OpticSlinkyz says:

you didn’t tie the second thing correctly lmao

Montse Montoya says:

She uses her hands a lot lmao

Superpolymatic says:

I looked for a Romwe-Review but Srsly stop these endless hand gestures this is so annoying

Cookie Monster133 says:

I agree with most of what you said but that baseball cactus one looks fine to me .

Robin Durfey says:

OK you made me laugh and that is a plus…love the same tops as you. Super cute video. Been watching you for awhile now and love you and Grant.

Kawaii Iiawak says:

just wondering, are the smalls like, size 14 in kids size, or bigger?

Ella Bella says:

your like thirty DID YOU GO TO SCHOOL the plural of cactus is CACTI

Mirae Raeko says:

Hello can you tell me where you got your necklace ??? totally love it! 🙂

Raza Lee says:

I wish you had done a voice over when talking about the clothes while showing what it actually looked like on. Seeing it through a screen being held doesn’t look much different from looking at it on the site honestly. I get the ones that were inappropriate but I would have looked to see what they look like for more than 5 seconds.

Christina Kefela says:

If I’m 5’4 and 125 lbs, with a long torso and somewhat short legs, what size should I get? Would a medium/large work?

Sabrina S says:

I wish she would have shown the laced crop top. I’ve been wanting to get that specific one and I dont know what’s really wrong with it. Very disappointed

Emily Grace says:


Dani BOB says:


Mads Hughes says:

DO NOT BUY DO NOT BUY DO. NOT. BUY. they scammed me out of $300 and i couldn’t be more upset

xoxoLiveLaughLovexoxo 21 says:

Romwe wasn’t a scam for me, the only problem I have with their company is that their sizes run wayyyyyyyy too small, their pants are not for me. They need to have more clothes for all body types. I’m a 5/6 in women’s and their shirts fit perfectly for me because I’m a M in tops. Their pants is a no no, I even order in L and only 1 out of 2 I bought, fitted me. I got my clothes less than a week, so their shipping is on point. Would I shop there again? Only for the graphic shirts. (Btw, I spent $95)

Trashiac says:

no hate, but if ya liked ‘cactuses’ that much, why’d ya call ’em that instead of cacti?

Emily Thurston says:

I’m glad there was an error with my payment yesterday so I can be more careful about what items I choose!

Jaylyn Gehm says:

Are they made in China

Mireille says:

With most of these pieces I’m like: ‘That’s so ugly..’ and then you put it on and I’m like: ‘okay that’s actually really pretty’

Liliana Arias says:

I understand the clothes isint as it is in the picture but like why do you choose the most complicated clothing out of all the nice simple clothes?? Just wondering.

sam gate says:

you should only do business with companies that have real store you walk into. These stores will also have stores online.
I would only use those that let you take the items back to their real stores when you buy online.
this way you will not pay to sent them back and you can talk to a person that will give you the time of day when things go wrong.

ONLINE you never know if they are telling the truth – that the item was $50 and now $15 – you can not say what it is made of or even the sizing.
online are very misleading and we know this but people will by crap that is online

Katie Fernandez says:

I’m thinking about buying a bathing suit from romwe, is this a good idea orrrrr?

Jacky Frizzell says:

thank you for this! not gonna buy!

Ice Vi says:

Panties and bras

Kryztyna Williams says:

The clue with Shein and Romwe is that the clothing that’s on the hangers are exactly what you’ll be getting. The model pictures are “inspiration” pics.

Luca Aliquo says:


Ketsie Theodus says:

Video starts at 3:24

Helen Appleberry says:

seems like its hit or miss like with most fast fashion

Angel says:

it would only give you the discount if you had items that were full price on there. Idk why you thought you’d be able to get it when all your items were reduced/on sale. Use common sense idk.

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