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7 Tips to Avoid Aliexpress Scams:

AliExpress is Cheap, But is it Safe?

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Graham Gillett says:

Great video. Very informative. Recharegeable batteries are another scam by the way.

coop says:

I’ve never had a problem, and I’ve ordered many times. The ads will tell you how it’s going to be shipped and how long to expect; I’ve had orders arrive in as little as 10 days and as long as 30, but I knew the time period up front.

That said, I’ve seen plenty of stuff advertised that was blatantly fake. Like seeds for flowers with obviously photoshopped rainbow colors in the picture, and then my favorite–the “carnivorous plant” seeds advertised with a picture of Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors!

There are a lot of falsely advertised clothes like “100 percent cashmere” sweaters for $10 and the fine print in the description reads “genuine cotton, wool, rayon. . . ” and every other fiber name you can think of. Plainly put, it’s no different from Ebay, due diligence required, and if it sounds too good (cheap) to be true, it is!

The Best Stooge says:

Let me tell you I had around 5-10% of bad things happen on AliE but I had AliE side in my favor on them so it was fantastic until they banned me for abusing the system. I never abused it as they sided in my favor because I had the evidence to back me up but basically they have a customer protection plan but don’t use it or risk being banned for using it. How many times is that magic number? It could be from 1 to 20 times and in my case it was 6 times out of 20 orders.

Maximum Ride says:

Ehh tbh I think not bc they sell counterfeit beanie boos

Blazing Fire says:

I only order diamond painting products from AliExpress and to date I have had only one problem where I ordered something and it got hung up in customs and was sent back to seller. I requested that they send it again and they gave me a bit of a run around. I opened a dispute and got my money refunded. I will still watch what I order from them though. I don’t trust clothing or make up from them.

nancy pollard says:

Do you have an opinion on the wish app?

rob rocco says:

Your sorta wrong… if you pay with PayPal the money is held for 45 days… so if they never deliver it.. PayPal will just take there money back.

Max Holbrook says:

I used it twice, and got ripped off twice, lucky it wasn’t a lot of money.
And Ali wasn’t any help at all in resolving the disputes, and it’s entire dispute process is designed to be in favor of the shonky operators.

wayne perryman says:

Have ordered literally thousands of items off aliexpress, have a diamond profile due to it, be smart, some things you just won’t skrimp on, some things is doesn’t matter.

Erin Fitzgerald says:

been shopping there for four years and only ever had issues with things getting lost in the mail

Amy Kilby-Myers says:

I have ordered craft stuff. Never had any issues. Ordered take about 30 days or so to ship to the USA. Never had any issues with my debit card. If you are worried use a credit card with lower limit . I’ve been happy with my services so far. If you do have any problems you can dispute them.

WizardsOf12 says:

Yes, their escrow system is superb. Good prices too, but expect long shipping times


Yes they can be trust worthy but remember by bying from there you are supporting china

HSK says:

The issue on Aliexpress is there is no human to talk as a customer support so some dishonest sellers use the situation very well. Some of them sells items that is even not in their stock and then when you want to cancel they do not accept to cancel..They even add a tracking number for example from Germany to China! so you can’t even proof you don’t have a tracking number..That is what exactly happened to me..I am still dealing with the same issue…If you buy as wholesale, there is a chance of 50-50 to be satisfied if you order 1-2 pieces each time that’s better to stay on the safe side..

yo8aiv says:

beware do NOT add your credit card on the website. use paypal or different or an empty debit card.
in case of dispute aliexpress will favor theyr sellers.

Alvin Wine says:

I will stick with Amazon here in the states I get my order in 2 days, never had an issue either

T3chn0ph0b3 says:


Sword of damocles says:

ITs save to shop yes… but their databases will be hacked. Alibaba got hacked and ali uses the same software.
If you find this important, please thumbs up and tell any one who uses both… I still shop there but i will be keeping an eye on my account details.

Damiana Smith says:

I started a business off this site so yes it’s safe I have never had a any issue with anything

Alice Wright says:

Thank you so much!!! Just started ordering from AliExpress and I love it!!!

Richard Dower says:

I have bought dozens of items, often takes 4 weeks and other times up to 3 months.

I have opened a few disputes, for various reasons, but each time I was refunded, after 7 to 10 days.

I don’t save my CC details on the site, but overall I’m happy.

Maria Lopez says:

I’ve been ordering on Ali for a few months however today my payment was not successful. My credit card company confirmed it was not them. Ali wants me to Appeal and scan credit card ID and bank statement. Of course I did not do that but what does this mean. The products are great and I want to complete my orders. Please help.

Rahul Mitra says:

Read aliexpress policies again…. aliexpress holds all money untill you confirm received items or if you dont cofirm money will be released automatically after 60 days… and you get extra 15 days after that 60 days…. i have ordered more than 1000 from aliexpress…. 20-30 of them didnt reached to and i got refund from aliexpress….. Moreover, if some product described as original but actually… you can open dispute and i have 100% success rate in disputes and got my money back.

Paroles de Lego says:

I have bought stuff on Aliexpress and have had no rpoblems so far. Very satified with the prices and items come as described. I have to say that for the stuff to arrive in Europe, you have to wait 2 weeks-2 months. Not a big deal if you have time.

1234 says:

Ive been looking on Aliexpress and I haven’t really seen any good deals… Why is Aliexpress supposed to be considered cheap? Whats the cheap good stuff that’s on Aliexpress?

If you want cheap clothes than a thrift store makes sense to me. I don’t really care about trinkets and gadgets. I’ve looked at their tools and Harbor freight is cheaper…

I’m not bashing Aliexpress I’m just wondering if it’s good for anything USEFUL. I see a lot of junk on it, I’m not sure where the good deals are…

Martin Ekert says:

Like many things in life… it simply boils down to using a bit of common sense.
If something seems too good to be true, then it probably is.
In other words (for the less intelligent viewers) don’t be a complete bell end all your life!

Timosbi says:

been buying for years from Ali had a some problems but all worked out ok but lately ive had loads of bad seller saying the have posted items and have not . do not buy from this seller Hobby-City RC’s store

Dave S says:

I’ve ordered more than 1,000 items (mostly electronics supplies) over the last 4 years on AliExpress and I’ve had no major problems. Slow delivery is the biggest issue but that is 100% the fault of Canada Customs. I find the quality as good or better than anywhere else in the world including the US. The biggest difference is the price…… it’s very difficult to beat their price!

Claudiu says:

My experience with aliexpress was pretty good. Util now I had only two packages that never came. And I think one was damaged (not sure if it wasn’t from ebay) but the seller clearly did the packaging right, I don’t know what the carrier did to it.
Anyway, don’t buy expensive things and if you really want to, make sure the seller is ok and the product has good reviews on multiple shops if possible.

tiger moth says:


Shen Yenyi says:

My sister bought something from alieexpress and got her credit card information stolen. Shop with caution. Also, what if I wanted to buy a chinese brand keyboard? is that going to be a knock off too?

Nat Boa says:

Can I ask which orders you are most happy with? like what products are worth buying in aliexpress?

Jonn Mero says:

Bought a lot of different stuff on AliExpress, and one advantage on very many things is that there is no freight. Here in Norway we have a free import limit of about 36 Euros total, including freight, so most of my is under that. The most expensive item has been a Holset turbocharger which was under half local price, and the real McCoy.
If you’re in doubt, check out the seller, and you’ll find ratings on them. But the Chinese mean business, so they offer good deals.

oddballs82 says:

Aliexpress I would tread very carefully around powered items (mains supplied) A lot of electrical items look good but are sometimes wolves in sheep’s clothing you’ll find that manufacturers may use cheap alternative materials making some items a major fire risk. There was a well documented case of a seller flogging branded plug sockets only to find out they were fake and that one of these sockets caused a house fire .

Stephen says:

I have ordered a lot of items from Ali express and I have had NO PROBLEMS I have always received my items

Dr Woo says:

I’ve bought hundreds of items off AliExpress, mostly craft stuff, and I’ve had no problem at all with them, unlike Wish, and Newchic.

TravellerHere says:

After ordering from AliExpress I started to get the automated calls in Chinese. No idea what they are saying and it’s very annoying.

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