IS WISH A SCAM!?! Massive WISH Haul… | Jordan Byers

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Hi, my name is Jordan Byers & I have an obsession with makeup and GLITTER. I am an 18 year old girl who likes to make product reviews and talk about all things beauty & sometimes fashion. I am going to college at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandise) to study Beauty Industry Merchandise & Marketing. So no, I am not a makeup artist, but instead a regular consumer just like everyone else! A few of my favorite brands: Makeup Geek, Jeffree Star, Kylie Cosmetics, Lime Crime, Anastasia Beverly Hills, & House of Lashes. My whole youtube career started in my unfinished basement with a Canon t5i & a couple of makeup products. Trust in the LORD with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight. – Proverbs 3:5-6
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Daniella Moya says:

So annoying…. couldn’t finish video…

_diamond. .slimez says:

People are saying to stop it the hate because she might not have enough money to be going somewhere more expensive like urban outfitters or wherever so she is trying to save money but she had enough money to go and buy all of this stuff (she didn’t know she even bought some of the stuff) plus she had acrylic nails on all the time, and she gets hundreds of thousands of views on utube (which makes her money!!!!) so I am not saying to keep hating on her but damn she needs to not be so ungrateful and obnoxious

DaNyLa JaKeYa says:

GEEZ are you dumb do you not know if its a scam or not?

Jess Tschannen says:

Shipping really isn’t that huge. Idk what shes talking about. Also the fabric is thin because you get what you pay for.

Emma-Louise Dalla Rizza says:

You are so full of yourself

Hunter Sama says:

Just cringe

Shannon Smith says:

I ml hh

Monique Lynch says:

I just want to fucking stab the annoying bitch

Sebana Kuchiki says:

I honestly dont care what yall say- i flipping love this girl

fluffy panda says:

She paid bwcause of shipping

JayWolf:D says:

Lol I got a wish ad on this

Elena Casey says:

*We have used wish before I don’t think it’s a scam*

duh_ its_ rachel says:

You get what you pay

IchliebeTokioHotel17 says:

I actually ordered that liquid eyeliner, same one, and it stays on SO GOOD! Omg! I was so impressed with how pigmented it was too

fluffy panda says:

Low because of it

Demonstar1254 says:

Wish is Awesome I get all my makeup and baking supplies from there and I’ve got some tops from there and they are amazing

Mariah Kumher says:

I love my thick hair….. but it eats hair bands…… even in the summer i avoid ponytails……..

Elizabeth Salazar says:

Stupid bitch she lieing

Anna Castaneda says:

Wish is a scam. Look into trying to return something.

Thraller says:

v cute with the hat on.

Q. Thompson says:

Too funny ma’am!!!

Cara Chen says:

Girl this is wish not Chanel, Gucci, Dior, etc. it’s not going to be high quality just saying. But, have fun with them and don’t put stuff to waste they still cost money, nothing is for free.

Casey Sotelo says:

i was laughing my ass off with that grey dress.

chris tucker says:


Mika Chang says:

I’m sorry for saying this but i feel like you would be better off saving your money on these fakeup/dodgy online stores. Spend it on actual high end make up if you want and make reviews, i myself would rather watch those types of videos xx

That Smoothie says:

Dont buy the clothes just buy the other stuff

Audrey Houston says:

i love wish me and my mom shop on wish and we love and its so cheap

Ashely Lorus says:

this bitch is always getting “scammed”

cosplayersunitedCO Neverending says:

You do realize that the reason the clothes aren’t perfect is because you get what you pay for. Maybe stop being so picky. Wish is my favorite shopping app. Maybe I can give you tips on how to look for the goods stuff.

MSPglitter says:

ok so when she gets something bad she’s like ‘omg omg omg SUCH a disappointment wtf so BAD wtf are they kidding rn?’ but when she gets something good she’s like ‘WOW so impressed amazing wowww!!’ like WHAT DID U EXPECT IT TO BE IF IT’S A SISAPPOINTMENT THEN YOU’D THINK THE GOOD THING WAS NORMAL NOT IMPRESSIVE

Monique Lynch says:

your not pretty

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