Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping with the Retale App!

Today I am sharing how I prepare a meal plan, a grocery list, and save money with the Retale app! I hope you enjoy hearing my process. All the information for this app is listed below.



**This video was sponsored by the Retale App. All opinions and experiences shared are my own. I only share products I love and use.


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crazyrunningmom says:

I love that you pray before hand! I need to do this 🙂

Pursuing Ancient Paths says:

Great Video as always! I totally agree that you dont want the rebate ap or the copons to mislead you into buying something you dont want, but I do it differently than you in that I check my coupons and rebates FIRST, and then search for them with my flyer ap to see if I can get something for free or close to free. For instance, a few months ago there was a snack item I dont usually buy (veggie straws or something) because they are oftly expensive, but there was a rebate AND they were on sale, and I actually got three bags of them for free. And so while that isnt something I would normally buy, I certainly lie free stuff! 🙂 Also, with beauty products and paper products, etc, I find that if you pay attention to coupons, rebates, and sales, and sort of figure out the groove, you can regularly get those things for next to nothing. So that is what I do, but I am not brand-particular, as I know many people are, and i dont do “all natural”, which I k now many people do, so in that case couponing and rebating isnt all that helpful.

But in the end you have to do what works for YOU. THese were all fantastic tips, thanks so much!

JustKate says:

I like to check certain couponing websites. There’s one I really like called She lists the beat deals with the coupons available. It’s just me and my husband so I can work out meals around what’s already on sale. But it’s interesting to see how other people shop. 🙂

Grace Filled Nest says:

And number 8, so awesome!! Amen sister and number 9 yes. Oh my goodness I am serious we shop the same way. It’s crazy cuz I think my daughter thinks I’m crazy sometimes. The struggle is real when it comes not finding what u want. So sorry u had a hard time, but thanks for being transparent. Yes it is worth especially on a budget. Also I feel like sometimes God just doesn’t want us to have that item at that time. And love ur intro and outdo what program did u use for that?

ItsAMomsLife123 says:

Praying before going in the grocery store—-why haven’t I ever thought of doing that????? So my many times I have become frustrated during or after shopping—-I bet those unasked prayers would have given me peace over the frustrations! Thank you for including prayer in your list! 🙂

mason jar memories says:

Thanks for this, especially the last clip. Sometimes it’s really discouraging to do the grocery shopping “thing”, but I love that you brought up the fact that you pray over your budget. I really believe God rewards us when we put Him first – in all areas of our lives.

Grace Filled Nest says:

Oh my goodness I do the.exact.same.thing u do. Crazy!! But I have not used this app…ahhh can’t wait too for Black Friday. Have u used Black Friday Ad app or website. I think there might be store ads on there now for Black Friday. Tfs…this was so awesome!!

My frugal life says:

Another tip: ask for a raincheck if they are out of the certain item. Also ask them when they expect to receive it.

Craft Corner with Esther C says:

Make sure you use the Walmart savings catcher. I actually get quite a bit back that way

Gentle Thrifty Mama says:

I still go shopping with the paper flyers in hand to price match. I should really join the 21st century! Great video Rachel.

Molly I says:

Thanks for this! I am SO bad about budgeting and figuring out our finances has been on my to do list for ages. Maybe this will give me a kick in the pants! 🙂 Also, love the prayer tip. It’s something I need to remember when tackling shopping with three littles!

fabulouslynesting says:

Loved. This. Video!!! Thank you!!!!!!!

Mrs. R. says:

Here’s another tip to add to your list, which my son is learning about in his Dave Ramsey Personal Finance class: if you are on a very strict budget, take cash to the grocery store. Don’t use a credit card (ever!) or a debit card, because you will be tempted to overspend. With cash, you can only spend what you have on hand. Great video as always!

Lynn Crum says:

My Walmart will not go by apps. They require the actual store ad in hand.

Living Even Keeled says:

Cool app! I’ve got to try that. I like your method. We have many similarities including not checking Ibotta until I get home. I can easily be persuaded by a deal so I check after I stuck to my list – just as you said.

Sandra Ann says:

Great wisdom and honesty that is why I love your videos. Have a blessed day xx

nikkigoingnatural says:

I love that you pray before you shop! I definitely need to do this!

Kim Lisanne says:

How do you keep track of the actual cost while you walk through the store so you don’t need to put things back at the cash register? Do you just keep the calculator open? And thank you so much for making this video, so motivating!! This is something I definitely struggle with.

ahjummacated says:

I love what you shared about praying beforehand! So true, and all of your tips are so helpful. I can’t wait to start applying them! Budgeting is important, but the heart of wanting to be a good steward is so much more! Have a lovely day!

All Things Alicia says:

I agree on the calendar checking thing! I put down things like soccer practice, etc… first so I know when I need a crock pot meal vs. having regular prep time. This has saved me so much and helped me actually not have fast food on sports nights in about 2 years!

RemixMC3 says:

Grocery shopping can be overwhelming and meal planning too, thank you for the tips!!!

Nicola Horner says:

The American price matching/couponing for groceries seems exhausting, here in Northern Ireland the price in the shop is just the price. If you really wanted to get the best price you can check the prices online for the big supermarket chains.

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