100% HONEST Slime Review! Testing Slime I Bought ONLINE! Slime Package Unboxing From FAMOUS Instagram SLIME SHOPS! Testing Instagram Slime!

Hey everyone! In today’s video I thought it would be so much fun to do an Honest Slime Review of Kawaii Slime Company Slimes! I had so much fun filming todays video! Thank you so much for watching!

Gillian xx

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Liam Dermot Loftus says:

My favorite ice creams are mint chip and mango! There so good!!!!!

aurea sandoval says:

I love mint chocolate chip ice cream

Olivia Nunn says:

I checked everyday and they are sold out of everything

Christina Godwin says:

I love mint chocolate

Unicat Ev says:

I think why the unicorn slime changed colors what it was probably a color changing slime

Ellie Woods says:

Mint choc. Chip is the one best ice cream flavour

SlimeMakerGirl says:

Please Review Bunny Slimes

Giselle Duchimaza says:

I don’t have slime

Jesse Worth says:

I love mint chocolate ice cream

Granny Raisin says:

I love mint chip ice cream

M& S says:

Do u even know how to poke with ur fingers?

Jenna Keehn says:

im soo late to this vid ;-; i might get some of these slimes from them they look SOOOOO cool

Giselle Duchimaza says:

Can I have your slime

Macy Stacy202 says:

My favorite flavor is chocolate xd

Jaedyn Berg says:

I tried the clear slime and it DID NOT stretch well AT ALL and no offense Gillian but she tried to hide that to make the slime look better than it actually is

Sheri Neff says:

Ok after you show us the slime . takes two minutes to show us how you play with slime like who does on there channel so annoying btw it’s a complane

Demented Demon Gaming says:

I love the way that when other slime shops give her slimes,some might be half full and she will complain.But then for this slime shop she doesn’t say anything about it.Shows she has favourites -_-

Amanda Bulris-Allen says:

like you i love mint icecrem

Joe Morris says:

I love mint chocolate chip

R.T. B says:

How’s watching in 2019


Mint chip is my favorite too!!!

Anika H. says:

The Cloud slime was more like a Cloud Cream and didn’t had any drizzle
I liked the Video but you should be honest

Zoren AndLukeCrafted says:

I don’t like mint and chip I LOVE mint and chip!!!!

Chantiq PARTRIDGE says:

honest, when I saw the *clear* icecream slime, I thought it wasnt “Clear* at all! I actually thought there wasnt a slime in it!
like if u agree x3

Laila Najim says:

It’s kinda satisfying to me when you peel off the plastic paper

2 friends To 1 says:

I tried to buy some slime from them but they were sold out

Darling Heldt says:

Ummmm their slimes are never in stock

Angie Mitchell says:

Can someone please tell me what kind of scents to buy and where to buy it from????

Chelsea Simpson says:

my favorite slime was cookie cloud dough

#FacundoSister facondo says:

I LOVE you!!

Stephanie Strandson says:

i am such a good fan now me and my friend are going to try this company

XxkillerXx Garcia says:

Did you guys se her hand is like that because the borax.Borax a bad fore your hands
I love to se your videos but….warning borax is bad fore your hands like if
I’m right

Mikaela Wellenberg says:

I also love that flavour

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