StockX VS Goat App Unboxing Everything you need to know

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Kiwis mlg pro says:

That stitching is really close to the nike swoosh

Cobe Kawakami says:

Unboxing starts @ 16:03

Anthony Mendez says:

I have air max 97 light blue selling on goat used for 170 size 8 barley used

Julio Guerra says:

I have had no issues with stockx

Dumb Tart says:

I’d be mad about the difference in wrinkles on the stockx ones

Dan Free says:

Both are official

Sub to Bich Clark says:

Seems like a nice shoe app

Joey Legacy II says:

Where did you get your shoe storage at??

SaintLaurentDon says:

I got a question , I skipped through the video but did they both come at the same time ? Or did one come faster

P says:

I just want the Jordan Royals and you have 3 of em :((

Nick Johnson says:

StockX is terrible, bad customer service on top of a purely garbage user interface

Travis Holland says:

shoes i got were real(i think) from stockx, but one was clearly worn more than the other…..if you dont want to risk anything but perfect condition brand new, try retail or flip a coin and buy from a resale co.

jackson patrick says:

i’ve bought 3 pairs of shoes off goat, they are great for small sneaker collectors with a small budget

Kiwis mlg pro says:

On both pair

D I A America says:


Tombstone Davinchi says:

The left toe-box on the stock x pair is inconsistent with the right….goat wins!

Kidix 3000 says:

The thing is seller sometimes wear the kicks and then sell them on Stockx, FACTS. Pathetic.

The Yolo Turtle says:

Where did you get those boxes for the shoes?? I have a lot of shoes and been looking for them and can’t find them. Can anyone help me?

Finn says:

I laughed when i saw the cream yeezys selling for $515


I personally like GOAT

Fish_ N_chips says:

Less talking more unboxing pls

Nadira Kirkland says:

Skip to 11:36 for the unboking

The Real Dirty Dan says:


Roberto Gonzalez says:

Thank s booss

Aidan Wong says:

That was so boring to watch

6969 Subs With No Video Challenge says:

How can u make a 16 minute video out off this

Brandon Pakfar says:

I’m buying on the GOAT app for the first time, pray for me boys.

Nicholas Hartzheim says:

What’s the name of that Jordan in the video?

ZoC BlueHen says:

R u asmr hype?

TongyHilfigerr Prod. says:

StockX shoes authencity through a tag wear you show off

Andrew Larson says:

Your fucking trash

Vincent Trần says:

Review same shi.t:)

Terance Washington says:

Dude what are you talking about there is nothing wrong with stockx its very easy to use wtf are u smoking? Whatever it is just put the drug down…

Big Mon says:

Stock x is better

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