showing top 5 places to shop online for cheap clothes!! These are the best online clothing stores to get cheap cute clothes! 5 places to shop online

HI LOVES!! What is you favorite online clothing store that you like to shop at? Out of the top 5 online clothing stores that i mentioned (fashion nova, gslovesme, 2020Ave,, and Which clothing store was your favorite? I honestly love shopping online way better because going to the mall drives me crazy sometimes hhaha. I pranked my boyfriend doing the fake lottery ticket prank click here to see his reaction hahaha it was hilarious!! Remember this is YOUR year to reach your goals!! I LOVE YOU LOVES


Minsrixx says:

“Maybe less than $5” *Inhales

Kady and Nikita says:

girl,you’re the best! i love clothes less than 5!

Betsy Simpson says:

Do it takes a month? Because I can’t wait for two months

Sem Amelu says:

Yo try this shop

Kayviona McCray says:

How’s the material and stuff ?

Shelby Ana Celine Ross says:

What about ?

Lex I says:

You are such a great YouTuber! But I think you need a new microphone or something it would really help!

florin salam says:

disgusting cheese on mouth

Ramen Rampage says:


arbena dragusha says:

this video has just made my whole closet full WiG SnAtChEd

Trashy And sad says:

YASS, all my friends always tell me “everything on your closet Is like 1-15 dollars your so weird” but i love it (im soo cheap LOL)

Suleimy Figueroa says:

Curious Mindset says:

Yeah but how is the quality of the clothes on all of these?

Slay The Day By D Cole says:

Isn’t it hard picking just one? So don’t. Get 15% OFF ALL Orders with discount code: SLAYTHEDAY! Shop Now. (Code automatically applied at checkout)

Yazmin Gomez says:

Anyone who’s reading this now, as of July 5th 2018. is having a 50% discount

Rachel Y says:

in love with your energy, girl! And these deals. HOOK. ME. UP! I’d give this video a hundred thumbs up if i could

Gabby Poe says:

Subscribed alllllll the way thanks so much

Hailey Rae says:

*immediately clicks “prices low to high”*

Mohammed Alhendi says:

You need a mic lol

Nodine Duverseau says:

Do the clothes form theses stores have really great quality?

The Nile Shores says:

Great Video Keep It Up! Here is Another Site Its Called Great Products For Great Prices!!!!

Nia Inés says:

you are so beautiful

Yakshaa Inc says:

worldwide free shipping Love it

Janelle Daliwan says:

gurl I feel youuu

julia grey says:

another really good one is bc everything is too cute and almost everything is under £10

Queen Bee says:

girl I subbed because $5 is my max to, and I have the money.

videossatisfactoriosparaus satisfying videos says:

I love her but the audio is killing me

boss chic 123 says:

lies these site are not for broke people who got 48 dollars to spend on a shirt my fam

Hailey jojo says:

I got my clothing from

Jazz. Editz says:

This is why I love you oml thanks for saving us cheap girls lives <3

Abel Adams says:

I have insurance for all things I buy online and I also get free shipping and returns. It’s this amazing shopper protection app, it’s the cheapest from the ones I’ve seen. Check it out here:

Baby Keller says:

Oh my god I fucking love this girlll

Cyrena B says:

LMAO omg she is so funny! She has a sephora bag in the back which is the most expensive makeup store on the planet. Lol I’m cheap as hell. I do not like spending money on Gucci, Louis Vitton, Chanel, or whoever just to look cute. My money can be spent on buying food!! Thanks for the hookup girl . I’ll check them sites out.

S_o_N_a_L_i_ K a R a N g U t K a R says:

your expressions and voice both are priceless  (;

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