Trying $3 Items I Bought From Wish! *SUCCESS!!*

I was SO impressed with the cheap af items I purchased off Wish!
I tested $3 clothes, beauty tools, CRAZY items & more!!
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Candy Segura says:

I’m I the only one who was sing Rolex too.

Ourbelissima X says:

Try Ali express

ayu rizki says:

do indomie goreng instant noodle testing, indomie goreng is an instant noodle from indonesia and it is quite popular. by the way, hello from indonesia. i love your contents! 🙂

Christy says:

Im just curious, what kind of accent do you have?

Norma Erazo says:

You totally reminded me Drew Barrymore 🙂

Kacey Norton says:

Maybe more wish thing like makeup or just clothes

Chris S says:

Did the hair dryer thing melt???

Franzuaaahh N. says:

Get 50% off from Wish when you use this code to purchase: jmphwrz

Twins Make Five says:

This video is hilarious! Downloaded the wish app a couple of days ago and have lost so much time browsing for random stuff, yet to receive my first order. You and your mum are adorable!

Minty Maniac says:

U look like peston list

Audrey delgado says:

More trying things from cheap apps and things like that

Sarah Catherine says:

Lolol your mom is super cute

Amber W says:

could u do more guess their age challenges? Xx

SwigaSwag says:

60% off wish code – hvjrygs – (My code got improved) =)

Love You says:

Follow @princessreema_

megan sowards says:

Can you review Joom it’s kinda like wish

Vanesa Turtakova says:

Blind folded slime challenge

Mohima Begum says:

Make up

Ghadema says:

Use this code on Wish for a %50 off your first order:

Tanya says:

The hair dryer hat people used to use that in the 1950s 1960s

Wiktoria Jurkewicz says:

I have that crop jumper in light pink I cost £16

Ann Berry says:


Akaila Forever says:

What is 1 pound

miffyLOVE says:

Oh my your accent is so beautiful. I could listen all day to your videos. They are very relaxing.

Samuel Lake says:

how much is 1 pound?

Magdalenа Mrljes says:

I love your mom

Allie E says:

I have a instagram fan account of you! The name is @millietfanzz ! Be sure to check it out 😉

TheOneAndOnlyMe92 says:

I’ve been looking for sunglasses like that since like 2013!

teegan aitken says:

I think you should make a vid of everything you have and what you can do the smart watches from wish please xx

Eva Rogers says:


Keira XOXO says:

Millie please can you do a stress toy/squishes collection from wish
Like if you agree

MoonShine says:

Use hwmmgym for 60% off your wish order!

Gracie-Mae Unicorns says:

Please try shpock

Equestrian Vlogs says:


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