Wish app is a cheap online shopping app! Products are shipped to you direct from China. Are the cheap prices really worth it? We review 8 items we purchased on Wish! Watch and see if you think it’s worth the price and the wait!


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Bob Bush says:

I thought the sunflower/phone holder was a small bed pan when I first saw it!

ghost fart2 says:

Don’t buy anything from China. their products are really cheap made.

Deb Vance says:

Buy hubby one of the rubber wedding bands….they have them at Dick’s Sporting Goods

Steven Richards says:

Great video ladies! I’ve found that as long as you stay away from apparel and complicated electronics you can get some great deals on wish.

Sloan Broome says:

You guys should buy the “yeti” tumblr off of wish and review it compared to the regular!

Supermonkey 1964 says:

I just downloaded the app about a week ago. The big thing for me is what i’m trying to wrap my head around is knowing there are Chinese websites such as Banggood & Gearbest that have these same items that you can order direct from the website. It takes the same amount of time for shipping (usually 3-4 weeks). I want to say you can get similar pricing but not sure on that one? so…other than having all the websites in one location what’s the big advantage of Wish really? Most of the items appear to be so cheaply made they look like they would fall apart in a day or two, a week at most? Then again i say the same things about items purchased at Dollar Tree. But you dont have to wait a month to get those things. I saw another review on Youtube for a pump similar to this one and it said it didn’t recommend using it for Carbonated liquids. I wonder if this one is the same? In any case good review ladies. Thank you Chicks. 🙂

Shizz R6 says:

Hey ladies, I have been watching y’all for a while and the wish app is where I’ve done most of my shopping. You do have to consider the quality of the item but I can honestly say after all the electrical items I’ve bought. They are satisfactory. You are right to stay away from clothes. I have run into the same issue. It’s a good shopping experience if your not in a hurry. Another good app is the books are fun app also named collective goods. They serve all schools near you.

Sharon Bigham says:

It’s better if you pay through pay pal…..then you have no problem with getting refund, if you get an issue with wish you just file a complaint through pay pal and pay pal takes care of the issue.

Lesl W says:

I ordered only a few times last year from wish It could be addictive lol But all in all they seemed ok, they took forever to get here. I was impressed with some thing, and not impressed at all with other items I ordered so its a take your chance type of thing. I liked this review as I always do. I think it be interesting to indeed compair the wish angry moma item to the one you already have Cathy.

Janie Goodman says:

The rings are very pretty but they are stainless steel

mjhonold says:

I have used that app. Takes along time to get but worth the wait.

James Pavey says:

The pump seem like it would be great at a social function (VBS, School, etc;.) for the beverage stand.

Greg Glass says:

Our local tv station tested both the flipping fantastic and the angry mama and they ruled both products duds. Flipping fantastic wouldn’t cook the pancakes well enough to flip, it was messy and the angry mama could be an ordinary bowl.

ken strampe says:

like Rachel i am a little leary about this one also. if you are looking for something as a one time throw away item i guess this would be ok, i thought maybe the collapsible funnels would be good to add fluids to your vehicle and they would store well in the trunk or small storage areas in a truck or van. great review as always keep up the great work.

Freakin' Reviews says:

This was a great overview. It seems good if you have low expectations and don’t mind a cheap knockoff.

Becker's Reviews says:

When I used it for the first time back in the day, they were offering a 2-3 dollar item for free. The item arrived in 2 months or something but it was free =)

Don W says:

Sorry but I have to go “there”….. One of the categories you mentioned were adult toys. Maybe it’s me but no less than 3 of those items looked suspect when first revealed. lol Keep up the great work and novel ideas.

Heather P says:

Ahh, just wrapped up the Larry Nassar Sentencing.. NOW, back to my HAPPY PLACE!! Thank you!

PikaboICU says:

Love your videos.. I’m a recent fan…Please watch your CC bill for several months.. I ordered from a China site and several months later small charges were appearing on my bill. They’re small enough that unless you’re checking, you might not notice. By the time I realized it- I had about $70 worth of odd charges like: $8.97 , $9.45 etc… They all said orders and when I called they claimed they hadn’t shipped yet- things like fishhooks, childs toys & weird items.. I disputed the charges via the CC company and the China retailer reversed them all but still.. It was just dumb luck that I noticed them.. Paypal is always the safest way to process your CC payments.
Anyway- keep up the awesome reviews… I’ve found many of them very helpful. CHEERS

rocknrollermann says:

cool..ive just started checking wish out..good info..

Kit Kat says:

Asian sizes are smaller than US sizes. That’s why they have sizing charts on all clothing items 🙂

abjsf69 says:

Good grief, I would not wait a month for anything. I have Prime and 2 days and even that’s too long for me. Usually I’ll choose the same day or even 1 day at the longest, even then, I’m tracking my Amazon order and waiting at the door.
Terrific video, hilarious as always.

Doobby Do says:

How old is your son like 7-8 maybe? How/why does he have a phone already thats poor parenting for sure!

Gaye Lee says:

My granddaughter has ordered phone chargers and hair curlers that worked well. It is like a surprise in a package! I love Wish!

mediaone12 says:

You can get alot of the stuff off eBay for cheaper

Star Garcia says:

Great haul ladies. The magic erasers from Wish is awesome. I’ve ordered them a few times already they work they may fall part easier but they do work. Hope you got them. I’m so addicted to Wish. I order I swear over a couple hundred dollars every other week of item so daily I get packages from the mail courrier and it’s about 5 to 30 that’s how much I get a day. My daughter and I have a game to guess how many packages daily. Also their fiber lashes mascara works great I’ve also ordered clothes from them it’s a hit or miss but I mainly get hits. Just all about the reviews.

Kelli says:

Wish is horrible and useless. You’re charged a shipping fee on every single item, if you buy 3 of the same item you are charged shipping 3xs for it. When I first found it I bought alarm clock’s with a “Spy” camera in them as Christmas gifts for family members who have toddlers , I bought 4 all at once was charged shipping 4 different times , finally got them, and not a single one worked! had to argue to make a return and get a refund, had to go through a lot of nonsense, and then 6 months after I shipped their terrible products back I finally got my refund – should not of taken 6 months for a refund, and should not be charged shipping on each individual item when you’re ordering from the same merchant! or even if it’s different merchants 1 lump sum for shipping going by total amount spent is sufficient

P.S. You can get some nice rings for under $20 on Amazon that won’t be turning anyone skin green! I bought a nice titanium mens welding band for like $5 – I bought it for myself to wear on my index finger, I have large fingers and a Womans ring wouldn’t fit. doesn’t look like a mans ring and doesn’t look like a wedding band to me either

Sara Moon says:

I’ve ordered hundreds of times and alli which has free shipping on lots of items I’ve one a few times not received my items and got a prompt refund every time the legos toe wonderful my boys love them and don’t care they don’t come in a box they are same quality

Flobber Top says:

Be great to see you do comparison reviews of the genuine vs Wish products. There are versions of the copper pans on there. I’ve bought a few gadgets of varying quality, some consigned to bin after first use sadly. I definitely recommend phone cases, watch straps, some fun costume jewellery and Christmas lights.

Dana uriostegui says:

I’ve watched dozens of reviews. Seems like the safest items are jewelry, pillow covers, and phone cases. I’ve gotten my toddler a couple toys from there like peppa pig family and they were all perfect

Janie Goodman says:

I like wish but need to delete it

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