Wish Shopping app Review

Wish app review

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deanna montgomery says:

I just love your face! you’re so cute! but I am looking into ordering from here and I too will be looking to see cuz I like figure things but yeah I love your your review and thank you

ליה בושגולשוילי says:

HI! Maybe someone here can help me! :'(
I ordered from wish with my visa card. after two days it says all my order was refunded. it doesn’t say why it was refunded but in my bank account I still payed for the stuff I ordered!!!
I’m trying to ” contact support” and for that they asking for mail and zip code , but everytime it says I don’t exist and that it! I’m stuck and have nowhere to go. can please someone guide me what to do. unfortunately I spent a lot of money in that order.

Nyrique Williams says:

I’m all out of ideas of trying to get in touch with you ! I really miss you !! Can you text me please ?7046344437

Tattie Kay says:

am in portugal and i want to order some hairs from them please advice me before buying from them,am afraid kkkkk

Brendunt Scott says:

Another thing: China sizes – you should always order 1 size larger for American body types. Their sizes run smaller and slimmer than American body shapes.

Southern Lovin says:

I’m glad you guys are replying and giving feedback to my video ! It really is going to improve the information that I provide in my reviews for now on !

Heather Gorum says:

You’re voice is extremely relaxing. And I was curious about Wish, and this helped a lot. Thank you!

Tony Vasquez says:

i have wish app. how do i change address on wish…

Rui Guo says:

who love wish please add my facebook https://www.facebook.com/guo.guo.353250

Yordy Yordaness says:

some of their staff,clothing there are very nice.its no finish colours.like dakishi .brand name Louis vuitton.versage from wish are nice.some materials are ok.its the same clothing that Urban planet,Suzy ,Sirene sale.they got them there.

Menashe Hawkins says:

the dresses are very nice. thanks for such an honest review. i just made an account and was curious. im used to ordering overseas so im ok with the shipping time. it would be easy to make a nice neat hem on the dresses

annika bailey says:

so would you say you truly trust wish? i haven’t used it yet and i wanna be sure that im not gonna be scammed and my info on the app won’t be hacked. i saw really cute stuff but i dont wanna put my credit card info just yet until someone that bought from them can tell me its truly ok and safe

Tattie Kay says:

i like your hair ,did you also ordered from them?

Jamie P says:

I heard they were a scam in a lot of people reported them to the Business Bureau. was going to order but I’m scared I heard it takes a long time to get your stuff how long does it take you to get your stuff??

Michael M says:

You just need to find American businesses.

Your shipping will be quick, your customer service will be in English, and you can bet you won’t be charged for returning an item.


Angie Morris says:

Do the wish app got Ipad tablets?

tabby kat says:

The material sort of reminds me of a cheap Halloween costume.

Tonya Cash says:

How were the shipping costs? The dresses look Great for $10!!!! Very nice on you!

Jazmine Weight Lost says:

I love how positive she is even when she disappointed

MattDollars says:

u cute

Sydni Terrell says:

What’s the name of your outro song

Pauline Suarez says:

I ordered on the app and it says it’s “processing order” and it said it will be processed December 23-25. And I was asking if those were the dates they would ship it or arrive it??

Sherril Salas says:

thanks your help anyway !!! 🙂

Maria Sincere says:

Justin Beiber you can call meeee

jasmine scarborough says:

i havent got my order yet

Sherril Salas says:

yea because I’m leaving to Japan next month .. and I need those like really fast .. I got 3 earrings and in my order history said preparing to ship today !!! I don’t know what they trying to say if I got it today or when ?? its an option I can put refund on everything I ordered

Nneka Dilibe says:

never buy anything from http://www.wish. com they are fraud l bought sandals from there website till now I have not received the order. they are thief all the e-mail they send for me wipes off

Tammy Hailey says:

Thank you for this. I just ordered my daughter some clothes now I’m kinda worried they will suck. Lol

Cyana Mckinson says:

Is it safe to ship to jamaica

MattDollars says:

Dude I order my whole family stuff but I got my dad some timberland boots from LA not from that site but I bought a Egyptian Blacc phero sweat shirt off that site for my self cause it got big lips

MisterChunkyBunny AJ says:

You are really pretty! #nohomo

Hamzouz Hamza says:


WHOMANSisthis? says:

she’s beautiful

Toney Walker says:

I ordered a ring off there last month it came fast I just ordered a 100Dallas worth of suff Monday

Troy Smalls says:

looking good in that dress

I'm just sayin yo says:

lol the song at the end

Brendunt Scott says:

That is because this all comes from China or Asian countries. The lowest cost shipping will be put on a boat to get to the states so it makes sense that it’s 30 days.. China – has many clothes very inexpensively, but the shipping is going to be pricey if you want it in 7-14 days.

Zack says:

thanks I was wondering if the app was legit

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