I’ve been dying to try out the wish app since I saw all the funny “Wearing Wish Clothes for a Week!” videos (I know it’s almost 2018 I’m late to the party lol) but I’m finally doing my first ever wish shopping haul! I love cheap clothes, I love bargains, I love online shopping, so I figured why not? 😛

So here is my full honest review and very funny try on haul of my first ever wish shopping experience. ENJOY THE NONSENSE MY LOVES!

1,261,000 kisses!

Insta/Twitter: @AmberScholl

***this video is not sponsored (obviously lol)***


Rosie Cakes says:

that is a nice fireplace

Hannah Amores-Magpayo says:

I love your positivity. Thank you!

Chanels Lovely says:

At 5:20 there an feather in your eyelash omg I was so scared it was gonna get in your eye lmaoo

escapethegrind says:

Your so cute oml かわいい~

Adaly Lily says:


Maddi Shea says:

I love you!!! what kind of camera do u use?

Peach Ambie says:

Amber girl, i love youuu but that’s very obviously real fur and feathers :(( i mean it’s your choice but it disgusts me that humans kill animals JUST and ONLY for their fur for a new coat … and by buying it you do support it, no hate just so you know what you buy babe!

Florencia M.W says:

oh my god.. has anyone seen that weird chicken japanese music video? she reminded me of that with that outfit, lol! look up the chick chick song rotfl. ur welcome.

SodaSiren says:

I want to see Mr. Kate come decorate.

Crazy_hope 9 says:

You’re so pretty and fun omg

RitaSixx says:

1. you had the fuzzy leggings on backwards.
2. they are meant to be worn under clothes (in winter) or a long shirt/dress. Not as pants.

yes it's me says:

camera too close to u r face

Molly says:

Why does she remind me so much of the woman in despicable me

Rosie Cakes says:

she has fun all the time and looks so warm and im shivering in my bed because its been snowing for a few hours and the snow has crawled up my doors and windows and my house is feeling drafty

Alma Lindahl says:

Hey Amber! I just found your channel, and I am literally OBSESSED with your videos!!! Can you please make a what’s on my iphone? that would be great!! Greetings from Sweden❤️

Andrea Edmonds says:

You look so adorable in pink. I love that color

Meliza Aguilera says:

you could probably wear the chicken skirt as a tube top ???
(alter it to make it fit ?)

Asteria . Nyx says:

Oh my,

Psst you should totally do a cooking video.


Little Marshmallow says:

Those shoes are cute!

Rasheme Chester says:

Anybody else notice her left eye is bigger than her right.

Ana Gonzalez says:

You should try Zaful. Not sure if you done that or not. (:

Trin Murray says:

Your boobs are too big! Lol. They make the dress shorter.

Just in case anyone doesn’t get the joke. I am not actually complaining about her boobs. I think her boobs are awesome. Amber has a awesome figure. Lucky girl.

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