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Circle – Who’s Around You Rating – 9/10

Circle tells you when your friends, or people from your networks (college, work, hometown, professional group etc.), are near you. You’ll be magically notified whenever they’re around.

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RaShawn Cook says:

Great video can you email me

Mark Paterson says:

Obviously people are trying to delete it but they can’t, and the facebook invites are annoying as hell. Definately never downloading this.

histatimaniples says:

how can people contact me if im not apart of this how can they get my number?

Coach LA says:

Thanks for the info.I thought it was very helpful.

Brian Kajla says:

But I’ll give Circle a try.


I use it a lot. it works well for me. If you a promoter are own a business it is wonderful. It connects everyone to you in that town. I love it.

Carmen Correia says:

Thanks… just signed up… appreciate the quick review xo

Rosairela25 says:

How do I delete my circle account?? I don’t like it

Lumious Darxide says:

I’ll just stick with G+ and Facebook

Richard Wenborn says:

If it gets all of its content off Facebook why not just use the Facebook app?

Coralis Miranda says:

Wack… Its like Google plus

DansTube.TV says:

Hope you enjoy my review! 😀

LeGeNdArYLyAweSoMe says:

this app is beautiful Lol at all these close minded people since i downloaded this i have connected and spoken to many new people speshly the ladies 😀 i actually hope the haters dont download this cause the newsfeeds are fine just the way it is Screw facebook 

Mahae Alam says:

9 outta10 for this app? dumb ass aussie. No wonder why they live down under!!

Matt Slater says:

What’s the point? Facebook works just fine

Piper010177 says:

Taylor I was having the same problem. Somehow some1 else’s twitter was linked to my profile & I can’t remove it

Nigeria Evans says:

Hey its awesome.

lilBubbles212 says:

How do I delete my account I connect it to my Facebook

Brian Kajla says:

Facebook is better

Kimberly Savage says:

How do I delete my account on this???

Maged Khaled says:

i am using version. version 2.3 using it on iphone5, actually i blocked someone by mistake on circle. do anyone knows how to unblock ???

Paris Hardy says:

How do I go about accepting a request? Facebook alerted me that a friend sent me a request on Circle but when I open the app I don’t see how to add him .

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