Screw Linkedin AM I RIGHT? Twitter is my favorite social media. Love it dearly & THIS IS WHY.
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Thanks Kraig for the shooting help at Union Square! [HIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL]

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Sony RX100 V –
Camera Case / Strap –
Bendy Tripod thing –
DJI Mavic Drone –
Sony A7S II –
Sony 70-200mm –
Most common lens on A7S –
My Shoes –
My Ray Ban Sunglasses –
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iPhone mic used in this vid –


New Here?

Hi! My name is Sara Dietschy (rhymes with peachy) and I live in New York City. There is a new video on my channel EVERY WEEK NIGHT (Mon-Fri). I upload vlogs, tech reviews, travel & lifestyle videos; as well as creative / entrepreneurial focused interviews and documentary films.

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Michael Lardizabal says:

Really enjoying the interview bits added into your videos. It is taking some of the great documentary aspects of your larger works and still allowing it to marinate together with you sharing from your perspective which I find to be fresh and rejuvenating. Plus, you seem like you’re really enjoying it. I am.

Katrina Caluza says:

Hayley Williams is my hero too<3

Matt Wulff says:

IMPORTANT THREAD: Why Twitter is the Best (1/37)…

BelindaArchaeologist says:

I got in touch with my phd supervisor through twitter. Huge opportunities and huge life change all from one tweet.

Craig Hyden says:

facebook… conservative? really all social media is super lefty

Zabeen Chowdhury says:

One of my many inspirations ❤️ Btw guys I am a new desi/ Bengali YouTube so do check out my work 😀

Seth Nelson says:

Completely true! Twitter the creatives network. It is used by the comic industry, so nearly all comic artist, editors, letterers, colourists, and so on use it. and what you said is very true. Its a community space for creatives because we are tied to our computers creating things all day so twitter serves as a way to engage with others, keep up with news, and to quickly share what we are doing, need, or a perspective.

JuliuszP says:

I guess pigeons don’t tweet…

phynx2006 says:

Love Twitter, not a fan of Snapchat, that’s my two cents at least hahaha

Alec J Douglas says:

I already love twitter, I’ve used it for 3 years, it’s given me great opportunities to get to know other designers and photographers.

Iñigo's Ting says:

why don’t we leave our twitter handles here so that we can make creative internet friends?

Werty Bnm says:

Does anyone know a good equivalent microphone for a phone that has a micro USB port instead of a thunderbolt port?

ChristopherHelkey says:

How much did twitter pay you to make this video?… Just kidding though! Nice video, you rock Sara!

Patrick94GSR says:

Have never used Twitter or even signed up for it. However I can see its value and have considered getting on there for no other reason than for being able to contact companies for customer service. It definitely seems good for that.

Art3mis says:

ALEX is awes

HK8 says:

I’d have to disagree on facebook being conservative….

Rinzler says:

I love twitter!!

Easy E says:

There’s no better platform than Myspace.

Vlogging Music says:

Instagram is probably my favourite Social Media app after YouTube but Twitter definitely comes after. There’s more of a sense of connectivity on Twitter like you could get a retweet or a mention by random person and talk to them like it’s not weird. It is so important for showing your work and networking. Loved this video btw!


How can a bird not like twitter? xD

Kevin Moore says:

Cool iphone mic!

Jay Wolin says:

if anyone is open to it you should follow me on twitter. I write film reviews and would love some more constructive eyes on them to help me grow. please and thank you. I will have a new review up either by the end of today or tomorrow on The Big Sick.

twelge15 says:

Just got a ticket for traveling/living in a comfortable converted van in Orange County. Local ASSHOLE activists who prey on RV’ers were following me around, taking pictures of my vehicle. They would repeatedly call the cops to harass me. The O.C knows how to put the ‘CREEPY’ in rich, conservative, duchebag, Christian behavior. I don’t even have a parking ticket. They were going after me because I hate Trump. Kids would drive by in their car in San Clemente flipping the bird, and yell “Fuck you, Trump is the King”!!! And they wanted revenge. Just an infraction. No big deal. I’m positive I’ll have the last laugh when half of the Presidents administration are in jail for Treason for the rest of their lives. I’ll go back, get a street vendors licence and sell Snow globes of Donald Trump in Jail.

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