Best social networking apps

Please watch: “DIY Fidget LED Display – Part 1”

This video covers four different types of social networking applications:

Tweetdeck –
Hootsuite –
Wasabi (by Netvibes) –


fallzapart says:

wow… great vid again 🙂

gamemak0r says:

i like Digsby everyone check it out it can hold

IM’s, social networks, Email accounts and more…

wowgabewow says:

Great editing bro!

mr wrlzz says:

TweetDeck is NOT a socialnetwork, it’s an App that connects to the the Social Network: Twitter

petercourt says:

Very thorough and informative, thanks

TrafficIsGold says:

Nice over view video!

Tinkernut says:

i was on vacation 🙂

Cryptic R. says:

thanks man that tweet deck will come in handy

ducky says:

I’m using TweetDeck because of this video! Thanks Gigafide!

nunokaka85 says:

Nice video, really going to check out Netvibes, thanks 🙂

CogitoErgoCogitoSum says:

fo shizel. I thought the dude croaked. I was about to unsubscribe

albert romero says:

great video man you always show us some cool things

Sagar Baishya says:

which is da best one I wna no dat!!!!

itdatanow says:

excellent work. Very nice. Well put!! 10-q

psilocyberspaceman says:

Was going to start development of similar application. Guess that’s out of the picture now 🙁

The Fancyman says:

Weeblys my favorite.

mr wrlzz says:

I actually do.

The video seems to focus on TweetDeck as the “main” app.

It’s just my point of view, I don’t make them to make you happy

Paul Huxtable says:

Most Excellent Video – Thank you.

Braulio León says:


ijoly says:

Great video, as usual!

Brenda Keyhoe says:

Thanx for the info, found it very interesting. Look forward to hearing more, really helps people discover that there is more applications that will enhance people social networking experience.

mrverde8080 says:

google orkut rulez, fuck myspace, facebook and twitter!

mr wrlzz says:

Twitter is a web app. So I’m not saying anything wrong here.

lalokills says:

thats just my personal opinion dont feel you have to change just because of my/1 comment although i like the older videos
i used the windows 7 theme video you posted its so cool thanks

Sneha Kataria says:


Yolligraphone says:

I’m using Digsby right now. It’s a chat-based desktop application that allows me to chat with people on pretty much every social networking site/IM client.

Tinkernut says:

the whole reason i created this channel was to teach people original stuff that they probably didn’t know. while these “software review” type videos are popular, they don’t quite fit with my original intent. i’m not gonna completely switch back to the old types of topics, but i am gonna start doing a nice blend of both. thanks for the feedback!

Dick Jones says:

I still cant understand why people waste thier lives on these pathetic sites and im a computer tech

Crisrael Lucero says:

Man I love gigafide.

Ryan H says:

I love TweetDeck, I use my Second monitor for it 😀

aaateam111 says:

lol wont need this if you’r not on facebook or other at all :/

mr wrlzz says:

I meant to say that the video shows the information like TweetDeck was some sort of SocialNetwork. Maybe I just expressed myself wrong…

Oh I use Seesmic btw 🙂

Think You, Inc. says:

Great video! Check out youPass on the App Store which lets you share your social networking links to who ever you want.

lalokills says:

the older videos where a bit more interesting

Christine Hueber says:

Posted your video on my blog … would you be interested in doing a guest post? Thanks!

FreewillTutorials says:

Digsby is good too.

PS3Insight says:

i love the layout and everything of ur videos, the commentary audio quality is awesome and so is the music. Everything you do is so clear and so easy to understand.

Tinkernut says:

i’m just experimenting with different video topics to see what’s popular. i’ll go back to the older types of topics in the near future.

Sheila Baumann says:

Your video is most helpful. As someone who is relatively new to Social Media, I shall continue to use it. Thank you for providing this teaching tool.

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