Buffer – Managing Your Social Media – 2017

Looking for the best social media management tools? Buffer is a must know for those in social media management and those looking for the social media management tools 2017. Buffer for social media offers social media analytics, social media management features, and a scheduling calendar tool, not to mention the content curation features. Above and beyond the desktop application Buffer also offers the Buffer app to help you manage all your social media on the go. With the Buffer mobile app, available for iOS and Android you are able to access all of the features from anywhere you have wireless service.

Make sure to have a look at www.buffer.com


Scott Jones says:

Great review Steve live the look of Buffer I will go and find out cheers.

SilverLining Consultants - Expert Advice UK Visas & Immigration says:

Quite Informative…………..Good Presentation………….

dips104c says:

Thanks for very useful info regarding Buffer.

L W says:

Thank you for making this video – we are thinking of using Buffer and your video convinced us of it. I also have a question for you… we love the screen capture video you have in this video with just your outline as you switch between screens – how did you do that? We would love to have some of our own training videos for students in our wisdom campus, and for staff training videos. Thank you so much for the great video on Buffer!

kurtmichaelson says:

Thank you for this video, as I am seeking to begin using Buffer for helping make our social media communication more efficient. All of your videos have been incredibly helpful to me, especially the tips you have shared about Gmail integration with other apps like Todoist, Boomerang Calendar, using filters, etc. The one video you did regarding Google Forms was REALLY helpful to me for creating a VBS registration form for our church. Thank you again and I’m a subscriber to your channel and newsletter too.

andy164501 says:


Chris Pure says:

Hi Steve, one of the best tec videos I’ve seen for a long time. Very well done! Awesome explained, great sound, great video, awesome guy! Thanks!

Perry Caplan says:

Hey Steve, which plan are you on?

Wesner Chery says:

What is the name of the software or tool you use for your videos?

Diana Klenk says:

Really Love your input here…I am learning how to use buffer and I found your video to be the best one I saw on this subject so far! And I watched dozens!

Mikkel Örstedholm says:

Did they thrash the BuzzSumo free plan? We can’t find it?

Phantom Hampton says:

Cool, clear, helpful!

jenohyeah says:

When you repost or rebuffer posts, do people notice if you do?

Lighton Agency says:

Wonderful guidance. Social marketing is incredibly simple and easy if you uncover the the right way to apply it. I have a very great instructional manual that I offer at no cost so anybody who desires a new begin simply test our services at http://sandralighton.com/ytoffer

MTN.Goat.6 says:

Steve! I used to watch DottoTech on Access years ago. Happy to see you’re still in the game and putting out fantastic, educational content. Youtube is a great platform for you. Loved the video. Was considering hootsuite but will give Buffer a try.

Mason Schweinzger says:

Great work!

waetech solutions says:

Thank you Steve this was so helpful

Dataddo says:

Thanks for the video! Did you try our tool dataddo.com ?
If you are looking for a way how to automate and speed up your data processes (data extraction, transformation, integration) and save many MD of boring work every month Dataddo can be a great option for you.
It works with many data sources such as GA, FB, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube.. and can be wired to your existing CRM and BI tools 😉

Hamish McSporran says:

Yet again just the topic that was on my mind and here it was ! Thanks Ye old salty dog

Visit Sardinia says:

Very useful! thanks!

Kevin Fonio says:

I have been on the fence about Buffer for a while now. Thank you very much for explaining the various aspects of Buffer! 🙂

Rulo Aslanic says:

I like your videos. Thanks.

Vicente Bustamante says:

Great Video Steve¡¡….. Saludos from Mexico City

AshburnConnectTV says:

I noticed the analytics for your posts are high for “potential”, but the ‘”retweets, likes, mentions and clicks” are very low. Why?

Raúl Manresa says:

What are your thoughts on eClincher? That’s what I’m using right now. I’ve recently decided to subscribe, but I’m still looking for opinions. Right now I feel it’s a great tool with an awesome pricing. However I don’t seem to get many reviews on it. Hope to hear back from you!


Question! When I’m setting my account on Buffer for the first time I want to sign up with my Admin Facebook Username & Password or I want to set up the account with my actual managed page Username ? Because, I manage two Facebook business pages, I don’t have separate passwords for them. Both business pages are accessed through my personal Admin Username & Password details in order to gain access and post to the two business pages. And then also, if I do sign up with my personal Admin details, what happens when I want to post to each one of my business pages separately? How does that work through the Buffer platform ? ? Please, clarify!

Annie Weller says:

So happy I found you! Thank you for all the great information and making me not feel so dumb 😉

Sean Torres says:

try here http://whitehatbox.com/BBS/index?auid=16881 for best Social media tool .This doesn’t work because Unfollowgram had to disable the function for Instagram. Is there another way that you know of? Thanks so much! It works great for Twitter though!?jido de puta mal parido de mierda donde esta el link directo de descarga pinch americano chupame la verga chancho blanco crj ajaj?

Mary Vivanco says:

Very informative. Thank You!

Sunset says:

Steve, great videos, thanks. Can you share which mic you are using at the moment? Thanks

Tim Niemier says:

I wanted to learn how use Buffr but Steve’s screen looks different than the buffr I have in front of me. I still can’t use mine. Steve’s video doesn’t work for me so far

John says:

Great video, I keep coming back to it, great intro to buffer, thx!

Andy Pike says:

Loved your video as I’m considering Buffer! Thanks from Hawaii!

Cargadores Originales says:

your very smart guy hello from colombia super video

Cora Ramos says:

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FollowingLike says:

Thanks for your great video, i use FollowingLike to manage my social media accounts. https://plus.google.com/+LewRowland/posts/NX1wXoT9vQd

Social Consultant says:

We appreciate this a great deal! We were on the fence between Buffer and hootsuite. We may still use hootsuite for research purposes, but buffer will be our primary tool to manage our output of social content.

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