Buffer vs Hootsuite | Who Is The Best Social Media Manager?

http://selfmadesuccess.com – Buffer vs Hootsuite… Who is the best social media manager overall when it comes to posting, scheduling, organizing, sharing, and analyzing your social media activity? Watch the video to find out.

While Buffer and Hootsuite both offer a lot of social media accounts for management, Hootsuite has the edge with additions like Linkedin Groups, Foursquare, WordPress, Soundcloud, Youtube, Instagram and much more.

For most businesses, the next level up from the free account will be perfect for the daily social media management you need. For this level, Buffer and Hootsuite are tied at $10/month pricing. After that, for bigger companies, Buffer has more options and Hootsuite doesn’t list the price for its big plan. For big business, Buffer probably wins, but for small, it’s a tie.

Usability tends to be an opinion as to what works best for you, but as far as I’m concerned they’re both great. Both dashboards are very simple to use, but if I had to pick one that is better, it would be Hootsuite. Hootsuite looks better, flows better, and has more options. I love the setup of the Hootsuite back office… Watch to see the entire breakdown.


CL Crittenton says:

Thanks so much this is very helpful. Don’t worry about the negative people you are providing a great FREE service. Thank you

Race for Zero Waste says:

You were 100% ON POINT with your opinion about “Hootsuite” using their logo on all your posts… Great presentation!

Sharan Gill says:

Very useful thank-you

Michael Wiggins says:

Helpful and time saving. Thank you Justin.

tiny home glamping says:

Wow this was great! Thank you

Debra Kahn says:

Very informative. I’d already come to the conclusion that I probably want to use both Hootsuite and Buffer for my social media management business. Your video confirmed this, and also clarified how these services can complement each other. Right now I log into a separate Hootsuite account for each client. That’s tedious, and will become more tedious as I grow my business. I’m wondering…do you know if I could use a free Hootsuite for several clients — each with several social media sites? Then I could upgrade to an awesome plan on Buffer and keep Hootsuite free…would that work with several clients?

Inhome tutor Services says:

No need to consume 20 min… can deliver the same message in 10 min

Real says:

Buffer does the same thing as hootsuite when it comes to posting

FacCa Flame says:

you R slower then my shit man

Yasmin Shiraz says:

Thanks for sharing this. I’m going to try to do it this way… Good luck with your business.

David Santiago says:

Well, I’ve been using eClincher for a while now.. and I wouldn’t change it for nothing! 🙂

Stacee Lynn says:

Very helpful. Thanks Justin!

Raúl Manresa says:

What are your thoughts on eClincher? That’s what I’m using right now. I’ve recently decided to subscribe, but I’m still looking for opinions. Right now I feel it’s a great tool with an awesome pricing. However I don’t seem to get many reviews on it. Hope to hear back from you!

Haris khan says:

What about sproutsocial?

Nessa Richie says:

Pretty good content.. the via buffer does show on free accounts tho

Damion Campbell says:

I am looking for a step by step guide to becoming social media manager I have no experience what would you recommend for someone like me

Susie Salisbury says:

Do they teach social media marketing?

Norhasliza Razali says:

Yes, this video is very helpful because I am looking for a social media manager…

akansha kesarwani says:

Is there any other tools like these which doesn’t do branding of itself?

Sarah Roussos says:

He really does need to get to the point doesn’t he!

Ladawn Warren says:

Great this was helpful ! Thank you 🙂

Humble Grumble says:

Get to the point ffs

Ashley Gaynor says:


Yeslaker says:

Really good video, That’s help me a lot about it!!

Lucero Saad says:

I used Hootsuite for a while. It was good. But then I tried eclincher and it was by far much better!

Skobar Raynor says:

Post with Buffer and view your feeds with Hootsuite

Judy Cullins says:

Justin, Is Buffer in NOv. 2017 accepted by LIinkedin Pulse? I heard no multiple submissions recently. I need a new VA to do this now.

Ivan Hanák says:

We have been using Kontentino and never have we had a need to decide between the two…

Digital Tech says:

Thanks Justin

Arman Soltani says:

Thanks man

Raúl Manresa says:

What about eClincher? That’s what I’m using right now, great functionalities + pricing. Their customer support is the best and also they improve the system every few weeks. I’m really happy with them!

sina shokri says:

why the fuck u talk so much just use your brain, be creative and explain this thing in 2 minutes like other videos.

ReVitellect says:

Great analysis. Thanks a lot, Justin. Was helpful.

Yasir Mehmood says:

Thanks buddy . very helpfu video

Pavel Shik says:

In fact followinglike is the best , you can use it as social media automation tool from http://www.whitehatbox.com/?auid=16881 te aclaro que también pagamos publicaciones en Facebook y obviamente el alcance es superior भाई आपका बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद जो अप ने ये ट्रिक हमें बताई

Nicholas Pinn says:

Great video, very informative. Thank you!

Ash Daniels says:

Which would you recommend for following/unfollowing? Do you know of any combos that exist? Have you tried Audiense? I’m so excited to find a great review!

Adolph Blackstone says:

I just switched to buffer from hootsuite and i love buffer.

scheduling on hootsuite is tedious and time consuming, buffer is quick fast and simple

Allison george says:

Hey @Justin Bryant, very informative video but I’m disagree on your both suggested tools. I prefer third one tool social champ not Buffer or Hootsuite. Social champ has very impressive feature more interesting is recycling post which helps me in gaining more generic traffic , also it has team feature so i can share my account with other team member so that they can easily manage my social accounts I recommend you to try it must you can feel difference on your self !

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